Deploy to the users using SCCM, active directory or whatever your company uses. Answered 04/12/ by: olditguy. Second Degree Blue. Application Packaging Using AdminStudio The next training opportunity is June Register yout training seat today. Get trained with Application Packaging trainer. Installation of Installshield and Adminstudio How to deploy application via common deployment methods.

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By default, Repackager may set these shortcuts to be a normal type, not the self-repairing type.

If there are any registry entries that do not belong to your application, exclude them. This is the method that Repackager will use when analyzing the application installation. Finally, browse the Environment Variables. The single step process is pretty much the same thing as installation monitoring, usint we will not be able to customize Firefox.

Generate readiness reports and app portfolio statuses. Best Practices for Application Virtualization is a great place to start. Leave all others alone. To make a shortcut the self-repairing type, in the “Shortcuts” view list, highlight the shortcut and change the “Advertised” value to “Yes”.

Application Packaging Using AdminStudio

Summary That was a quick and simple example of the power of Repackager. Exclusions After capture, the repackaging wizard comes up. Once you have gone through everything and excluded the bad data, we need to compile this into an MSI. To build an MSI file at this point, click the build icon on the toolbar. Install the repackager package from k: When you click Finish, the wizard goes away. It should be ignored. It includes products for application modification and deployment. If you need the additional features discussed in the second half of this document, install the whole AdminStudio suite from physical media.


Here is an example of the Repackager process. Make sure that only the files that are supposed to be included are. PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit. If you need to make any configuration changes, snapshot is the method that you need to use. Also, I have noticed that architecture 32 vs. We do not want to make it convenient for any user who is not supposed to uninstall programs to do so. Again, this process can take a few minutes. Recen Post Extremely slow app installs: Identify software vulnerabilities as part of the Application Readiness process.

Keeping Applications at the Ready

There is no set of items that you can automatically exclude after every capture. Just highlight them and press delete. I further recommend that you do not install virus protection and that you disable Windows Update and Windows Firewall.

I could have used Repackager to only capture the bookmark if I wanted too, or to simply find where the file is that controls Firefox bookmarks. Most applications do not write to these locations anymore.


Exclude all files that do not need to be packaged. The second snapshot will start now. White Paper Application Rationalization: This is where you are trying to figure out what changes when you change an application setting, or anything post-install.

Now that I have my configured application, I am going to launch the Repackager again.

Supports Microsoft App-V 5. It captures appllcation changes made to a system during installation and creates an MSI from these changes. Preparing for the Move to Windows 10 and Beyond. The newest version of Repackager v You should only include the shortcuts or start menu items in the “all users” profile. Twitter Tweets by WinMgmtExperts. If you are trying to figure out a change outside of an installation, snapshot must be used.

After the analysis is complete, you get this screen: I will go into more detail about this later in the article.