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Apparatus In general, equipment that is used for crude fiber may be adapted to the detergent fiber pro- cedures.

Nocoes sobre analise de alimentos_Apostila

The in vitro, however, does not disclose anything re- garding the nature of the limiting factor. In general, filtration manifolds suitable for crude fiber do not adapt well unless they conform to the following specifications. Handling of samples in drying and weighing and in ashing and reweighing is also discussed.

Ceramic plates pro- tect coils from liquids spilled on the plate, which avoids electrical problems. The analyst can assay only known constituents. Water is stored in an elevated carboy reservoir above and to the side of the heater. In general, equipment that is used for crude fiber may be adapted to the detergent fiber pro- cedures.

Figure 1 shows a section of bromatologgia refluxing ap- paratus. Holes are drilled to hold the fun- nels to give adequate working room for filtering the sample.

Laboratory evaluation of forage is essentially aimed at obtaining analytical data that predict the extent of biological degradation under speci- fied conditions, animals, organisms, and time. An attempt has been made to cover the prin- cipal problems in technique encountered in these procedures.


A unit refluxing apparatus and a drying oven large enough to hold 80 cru- cibles make this possible. In general, oil baths and large hotplates are not satisfactory for quantitative work. Heavy-wall rubber tubing con- nects from the manifold to two Standardized methods in the laboratory are mandatory for obtaining precise analytical re- sults.

Department of Agriculture or an endorsement by the Department over other products not mentioned. Quartz immersion heater, 1,0 or w. However, if a laboratory contains a reflux apparatus for crude fiber, it may be used without modification.

Forage Fiber Analysis – Aparatos, reagentes procedimentos e aplicações da análise

A variable transformer with a capacity of 10 a. Wash by immersion and agitation in water to remove fine particles. This setup bromato,ogia for refluxing detergents continuously and also allows the technician sufficient time for filtering and washing of the residues.

Neutral-detergent cell-wall 8 Acid-detergent lignin 9 Permanganate lignin, cellulose, insoluble ash, and silica 9 Acid-detergent cutin 1 Crucible cleaning 1 Acid-detergent nitrogen 1 Pepsin-insoluble nitrogen 12 Hot-water-insoluble matter and its nitrogen content Enough equipment is required to ade- quately run a basic analysis, such as cell walls neutral-detergent fibercontinuously for an 8-hour period.

Crucibles, Gooch-type, high form Pyrex fritted glass, ml. For ex- ample, it makes little sense to expect lignin to be a good predictor of digestibility if silica or some other factor is a more important variable. Check normality by titration before addition of detergent. Store in dry form until needed. A condenser at the top of the flask prevents loss of steam.

For convenience and most efficient routine operations, aopstila must be situated so that the operator can perform on a regularly timed basis; also some extra time for incidental opera- tions that arise should be allowed. A glass lining 5-m. The manifold is made from large polyethylene pipe, 2 feet 60 cm. Other types of reflux apparatus probably are suitable if they conform to the following criteria: Then add CTAB and stir.


The third component of the detergent appa- ratus, the hot-water system, is constructed di- rectly above the filtering manifold fig. Clamps, pinchcocks, Wpostila e. Much difficulty is avoided by having an adequate filtering ap- paratus and by using proper technique.

The funnels are supported on a 1- x 4-in. In vitro fermentations will be influenced by all factors and inhibitors known and unknown. The filter manifold is shown in figures 3, 4, and 5.

The reflux apparatus described is more convenient and cheaper than many other types available. The assays are for things that are expedient to handle, are known, or are considered important, and its evaluation is valid only if the principals concerned are dominant in the sample. If solution is properly made, pH adjustment will rarely be required.

The filtration apparatus described is highly recommended. Trade names are used in this publication solely for the purpose of providing specific information. Ao utilizar o arquivo favor referencia-lo.

Forage Fiber Analysis jean row Enviado por: It is very im. Technicians tend to make fewer mistakes when a standard labora- tory procedure is used for all activities; and, if erratic results arise, the cause can be detected more easily.

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Multielectric 6-receptacle box, 20 a. Economia Micro e Macro Sobre microeconomia e macroeconomia. Ultimate lab- oratory efficiency is tied to the precision of dupli- cates and the repeatability of values.