Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed (Left Behind) [Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As the world’s. Apollyon has ratings and reviews. Amanda said: As one who always reads other reviews before reading and reviewing a book, I feel like I should. Best-selling authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins deliver a great page- turning combination of fiction and prophecy in the fifth book in the Left Behind series.

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Still, though, it would be nice to see somebody slap him in the spiritual face with this verse about adultery, in my opinion. Once again, the action reads like something stolen from a second rate movie or a two bit TV show and labaye further robbed of any tension or suspense by the characters constantly reminding each other that God is protecting them, so they are, ultimately, safe from any serious harm.

Apollyon by Tim LaHaye | Scholastic

Yes, the writing style is simple, but that just makes the book s easier too read. Some entity to appear and manifest itself. I realize Rayford is still a relatively “new” Christian only a couple of years old, by this point, and no more than three years old, in his walk with Jesus and has been focusing exclusively on the “prophetic verses” in the Timm.

I will not deny, some of the comments made to justify the punishment being meted out on the Earth, while “Biblical” in nature, also seem trite.

This is bad news lqhaye Buck tm he is an international fugitive from the GC. There is one character that I don’t necessarily care for and this particular book just made her look worse in my eyes. What he gets instead is a crowd that refuses to listen to him. I continue to highly recommend this series.

The story, however, is still the same flaccid, tepid series of escapes, rescues, and chases that we have become used to from these authors. And their sole purpose is to torment for five months “only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads”. So much of what happened in this book left me thinking why would they do that or how could they do that?


There is no immediate gratification when something mysterious comes up — sometimes you have to wait several lahaje to find out what is going on.

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If you’re not the kind of person these things bother then you may not have any problems with the story. Mar 18, Lynsey rated it it was ok. Jul 03, Denise rated it liked it. As this is the second time through this series Original series Left Behind: And do we have to go into all the pre-birth details? If you would like to listen to interviews with other authors and professionals please go to www. Apr 25, Amy T. I lahxye absolutely riveted by these books and when I am reading one I cannot put it down.

Are We Living in the End Times? The prologue is the last two pages of Soul Harvest. The title should be at least 4 characters long. A very satisfying fifth installment to the Left Behind Series. I do not think it laaye quite as good as Soul Harvestbut it was still entertaining. Nicolae Carpathia continues his rise to power and wants to eliminate all the believers that are opposed to his One World Religion.

Apollyon, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! Published February 1st by Thorndike Press first published Dec 28, Kristin Myrtle rated it did not like it Shelves: You submitted the following rating and review. They are compulsively readable with intriguing characters and cliffhangers galore.

Soon, even the sun will be affected, and a plague of anguish will be released on earth. It was pretty apllyon, and it lasts for a “long” indeterminate amount of time.

I still cannot stand this woman, but as a believer, I get how passionate they are lahayr trying to win her to Christ And of course had he has to Miss Carrie right?

Will her baby survive?

Bad CGI strikes again! Ken flies to the house in GC1, Nicolae’s helicopter, and gets the force into the chopper. The Valley of the Dry Bones. In fact, you can even see that the writers probably felt obligated to respond to those claims by giving the character Chloe some strange dialogue, such as telling Tsion that she felt insulted when he called her a “precious little one.


If you believe some of the other reviews, this series is written horribly and the books are not that good. You hardly know her, and what you know drives you batty by your own admission. He wants everyone to practice the religion they believe in but wants this group to join the One World Faith.

At this point, I’m only continuing to read them because I’m curious how this train wreck of a series grew so popular and how it came to a close after something like 13 books. The continuing drama of the Tribulation force surviving the years of tribulation. This is the fifth book in the Left Behind series. I loved this book, I feel it is very clear what is to come, and innovative things about how to stay alive if we were “left ti, ” haha.

There is a five-month plague of demon locusts just take qpollyon at face value and lahwye stung by them will be writhing in pain for a the rest of the five months that the plague exists, and b for five whole months after that. I do know how people justify themselves and their behavior, as none of us really understands the holiness or righteousness of God; we like to talk about how God is a God of love and peace and compassion and mercy; we do not like to talk about how God is also a God of righteousness and cannot abide sin.

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Secondly, as to the complaints that the books are sexist, that’s just si As one who always reads other reviews lqhaye reading and reviewing a book, I feel like I should respond to what some of the other reviewers have to say. Apollgon truly epic, right? What was the point? They make a powerful appearance at a huge Christian gathering in Israel – one which reminds me of Christian camps I’ve been on where God’s presence is so strong