Analog Electronics: Characteristics of diode APGENCO ASSISTANT ENGINEERS (AE) MECHANICAL SYLLABUS Strength of Materials: .. Assistant Public Prosecutor (), Law Paper – I, , View. Assistant. Estt-APGENCO-AP Reorganization Act, – Dates of Preliminary Settings of the Sole-member of One Man Committee to determine the modalities. AP Genco AE Question Year with Key Type/Year: Previous Year/ Question Subject: Assistant Engineer Electronics – APGENCO Syllabus. QP.

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Time, phase and frequency measurements.

Processes in Thermal Power plant: Basics of Circuits and Measurement Systems: Comprehends the flow over different types of notches and weirs. Understand MS-Power Point e.

Candidates have to pay Rs. Understand electrical measuring instruments and safety procedures 2. Candidates rank high in Written exam are called for Original Certificate verification. Understands scaffolding and types of stair cases f. Comprehend the single phase A.

Amplitude shift keying, frequency apgfnco keying and pulse shift keying for digital modulation.

APGENCO Trainee Assistant Engineer AE 2012 Syllabus & Written test Pattern

I shall help you come through this selection process. Turbine monitoring and control: Design of Machine Elements: Estimate the weight of material required for a product and machining times d.


Comprehend the relationship between quantities connected with alternating current. Boiler instrumentation and control: Elements of Electrical Engineering: Applies knowledge of different methods of surveying in overcoming different field problems. Unit operation and Unit processes, material balance and energy balance. Vibration isolation, critical speeds of shafts.

Combinational logic circuits, minimization of Boolean functions. Comprehend the provisions of industrial legislation in India and safety procedures. Understand the working of Single Phase Transformers b. Energy Sources and power plant Engineering: Measurement of pressure, flow, temperature and liquid level.

Age and Education Qualifications: Physics of welding, types of welding and their principles, brazing, soldering, adhesive bonding. Comprehend the working of synchronous motors f.


Electronic Components and Devices: Understand the working of sequential syllabbus circuits n. Transistors at low and high frequencies, Amplifiers, single and multi-stage. A notification for the recruitment of various post with a total of will be released on 15th December Understands the effects of Internal pressure on unriveted and riveted thin cylinders d. Applies principles of mapping from the field work, potting of the field work j.

Computes the volumes of earth work and reservoir capacity e. Syllaabus plot, root loci.

APGENCO Question Papers | APGENCO Previous year Papers | APGENCO Model Papers from

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. For further details refer: Understand the working and applications of gas turbines and Jet Propulsion.


Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 25 of Error and uncertainty analysis. Applies principles of Surveying of Land Development g. Share the Questions remembered with us through the Comments to help the Students those who are going to appear for the next time.

Fo the Classification of different measuring instruments. Comprehend the need for transmission and choice of supply system g.

Measurements of voltage, current, power, power factor and energy. Understand marketing, sales and feasibility study. Permeability, capillarity and seepage of soils, flownets, flow through earthen dams, compressibility, consolidation and compaction of soils, shear strength, stability of slopes, earth pressures and retaining walls, stress distribution in soils, settlement analysis, subsurface exploration and site investigations, bearing capacity of soils, shallow and deep foundations, pile foundations.