Slokas on Lord Hanuman:: . Sri Panchamukha Hanuman Gayathri. . om Anjaneyaya Vidmahe. Panchavaktraya Dheemahi. Tanno Hanuman. Chanting Hanuman sloka can free one from sorrows and difficulties of life and bring lasting success and happiness. Here are a set of Hanuman. I am settled in Bangalore (India). We are a family of 5 people: Me, my wife, my mother, and two wonderful daughters who are studying in.

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Me, my wife, my mother, and two wonderful daughters who are studying in primary school. You also wear the Sacred Thread across your Shoulder.

The intention of this site is to propagate the glory of Lord Anjaneya [Hanuman]. I clean my mind with the help of the dust of the lotus like feet of Sri Gurudeva.

I took them all in my stride thinking that Lord Hanuman was unhappy with me. His devotees will fast on Saturdays and Thursdays, give offerings to him and chant the slokss to please Him so that He will do miracles in the life of the devotees.

And in any case, I could handle job and business together if I could get 3 months job-free time to start the business.

The picture below is representational. You are always ready to serve Sri Ram.

He who is the repository of immense power with a body glittering like a mountain of gold; sloias is verily the jungle-fire to incinerate the jungle of demons; the exalted scholar, the mine of all virtue and the master of apesand monkey vanaramam – I bow in anmaneya to such of the wind god, Lord Hanuman, the nenowed ambassador of Lord Rama.


Testimonials “The statues are astonishing, mind-blowing, stupendous, breathtaking, ethereal, gorgeous, striking, masterful, and in short, we like them a lot!!!

It was frustrating the hell out of me. In this wooden temple, he had built a system such that when ajaneya bell the metal ring, a Mantra recording plays: To Him we offer our salutation Namaskarams.

Anjanyea pray to the red-colored one, whose entire body is red, and is decorated with red colored sindoor. And this time, the usual recording played out: I got ready for the office. Powerful Mantras for Finding a Job. You are the one who is extremely intelligent, virtuous and scholar. I was shocked and stunned and possibly slookas.

Victory to You, O Hanuman. I have been through some terrible circumstances in past. This sloka can be chanted before appearing for interviews and examinations to abjaneya good jobs and score well. My wife was in the kitchen while my mother was still in the balcony. We bow down to Lord Hanuman to seek his protection. I learned that the correct method of chanting any Mantra is to first purify the soul by reading Immortal Talks by Lord Hanuman.

What was the difference yesterday? Meaning I bow down to the son of Devi Anjani and Vayu, the wind god. Om Shree Vajradehaya Ramabhakthaya Vayuputhraya. Want slkas desired soul mate? Actually my father had habit of opening and playing around with electronic devices like radio, tape recorders etc. You are delighted when the glories of Sri Ram are played. Your email address will not be published. Being the messenger of Rama the descendent of Kakusth dynasty he is revered by all Devas including Indra.

My obeisance to Anjaneya with palms joined tam praanjaliranjaneyamwho having leapt across the deep sea salilam in a playful manner sa leelam and picking up the fire of grief of Jankakumari janakatmajaayaah s’oka vanhimburnt Lanka with the very same tenaiva fire of grief. May Lord Hanuman lead us towards a superior knowledge and understanding. The same usual recording slpkas out.


Hanuman Sloka Chanting Benefits

Make this Hanuman Gayatri mantra your ultimate companion to guard against the odds alokas life and make you feel confident and joyful. It gave me a sense of relief as it usually does. I pulled away my hand from the bell as though I had received an electric shock.

Victory to the king of the monkeys and the enlightener of the three Worlds. Chant these Katyayani Mantras for a happy married life! Crackling Diwali tips with Mantra for unlimited happiness and success.

We pray to the destroyer of demons.

Lord Hanuman Mantra, Hymn, Quote, Sloka

I bow reverently my head s’irasa namassmi to that wind God’s great son vaaataatmajam Hanuman, who keeps his sense organs ever under control jitendriyam and a leader of the army of the monkeys vaanarayootha mukhyam.

Lord Hanuman is the greatest devotee of Lord Sriram. This Hanuman, known as the Ramadootha – the messenger of Sri Rama – was born to the Wind God Pavana, the Vayu, his eyes are light yellow in colour, has long hair.

Before breakfast, I once again went near the temple and rang the bell and the recording played out: Hanuman Gayathri Mantra for protection.

But I have been doing that for years.