I Life and Writings of Arrian. 3 wrote many original books. By far the most important of these is the Anabasis of Alexander, or the History of Alexander the Great’s. The Anabasis Alexandri is an historical account written by Arrian. During the early 16th century, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze bought a copy of this book. Anabasis Alexandri Book VIII has 7 ratings and 0 reviews. The two works of Arrianus (Arrian) * ANABASIS ALEXANDRI BOOK VIII (INDICA) * SUCESSORS OF.

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It is now called Polina.

The Anabasis of Alexander – Wikisource, the free online library

But Alexander himself remained behind at Bphesus, where he offered a sacrifice to Artemis and conducted a procession in her honour with the whole of his army fully armed and marshalled for battle.

It was from fourteen to sixteen feet long. Alexander recrosses the Hydraotes and Acesines. The Battle at the Hydaspes. At that time be commended them, and broke up the conference ; but next day he led them forward against Darius and the Persians.

Description of the Battle of the Granicus Battle with the Tktballians. The Siege of Tyre.

The Anabasis of Alexander – Wikipedia

Rebellion of tiie Sogdianians At any rate both he andu his troops departed from the wagon as if the oracular prediction concerning the untying of the cord had been, fulfilled.

Battles with the Aspasians. My theory of the duty of a Translator is, to give the ipsissima verba of his Author as nearly as possible, and not put into his mouth apexandri which he never used, under the mistaken notion of improving his diction or his way of stating his case. Defeat of the Persians. Exploration of the Caspian.

The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian

But, as they were alexandei drawing near, Alexander rushed forth with his own division, and the phalanx raised the battle-cry, as if about to advance through the river. I have noticed as many of his deviations from Attic Greek constructions as I thought suitable to alecandri work of this kind. Some were even attacked in the houses, having there turned to defend themselves from the enemy, and others were slain as they were anabasiw cating the protection of the gods in the temples ; not even the women and children being spared.


He accompanied his patron to Rome, where he received the Roman citizenship. At the age of 18 by his skill and courage he greatly assiated Philip in gaining the battle of Chaeronea.

Of the other cavalry over sixty were slain, and of the infantry, about thirty. Defeat of Ariobarzanes and Anabssis of Persepolis. Upon this, Alexander led the Agrian- ians and archers at full speed towards the river, and suc- ceeded in being himself the first man to cross it. This they were able to do so quickly because of the multitude of hands at their disposal. He was one of Alexander’s confidential body-guards, and on the death of the great king obtained Thrace as his portion of the dis- membered empire.

Moreover he directed an inquiry to be held about the land which they were accused of holding by force, though it belonged of right to their ‘neighbours. This nation dis- appears from history about the end of the fourth century. Flight of Macedonian Deserters into Egypt. On its site stands the modern village of Neokhori, or Tenikiuy. Reconciliation between Alexander and his Army. Olitus first fled for refuge into the city, which, however, he set on fire, and with- drew to Glaucias, in the land of the Taulantians.

Expedition against the Mardians. Alexakdbr at the Tomb of Achilles. In regard to other matters he gave the embassy a courteous reply, but wrote a letter to the people de- manding the surrender of Demosthenes and Lycurgus, as well as that of Hyperides, Polyeuctus, Chares, Chari- demus, Bphialtes, Diotimus, and Moerocles;i alleging that these men were the cause of the disaster which befell the city at Ghaeronea, and the authors of the sub- sequent offensive proceedings after Philip’s death, both against himself and his father.

Capture of the Rock of Chorienes. Campaign against the Mallians continued. The Thebans fled in such a panic that being driven into the long time, and that not only the Boeotian allies, but the Macedonians themselves committed great slaughter of the besieged Diod.

This river flows from the same mountains as the Nestus and the Hebrus, an uninhabited and extensive range, joining on to Ehodope.


Many Grecian mer- cenary soldiers had been left in the city, as well as many Persian troops ; the triremes also were moored in the harbour, so that the sailors might reader him valuable aid in the operations. Then the Macedonians regained their courage, inasmuch as the waggons, which they had excessively dreaded, had inflicted no damage anbaasis them.

Anabasis Alexandri Book VIII: Indica

Predictions of Alexander’s Death. Theiij indeed, Alexander gave up the hope of capturing the city with his present force, since many warHke troops had fled for refuge into it, and Glaucias with his large army would be likely to follow him up closely if he assailed the wall. Some statements made by other writers I have incorporated in my narrative, because they seemed to me worthy of mention and not altogether improbable; but I have given them merely as reports of Alexander’s proceedings.

Siege of Halicamassus 61 viii Contents. But Alex- ander drew up the phalanx of Macedonians in the follow- ing way: This army consisted of 3, Macedonian foot-soldiers and horse-soldiers, Thessalian cavalry, and Eleans under the command of Alcias the Elean.

It is entitled Gynegeticus of Arrian or the second Xenophon the Athenian. Rejection of Parmenio’s Advice XI. Eaphelius, Amsterdam, ; A. Accordingly he gave the signal to the heavy-armed infantry in the first place to hold their spears erect, and anabassi to couch them at the concerted sign ; at one time to incline their spears to the right, closely locked together, and at another time towards the left. Digression about India V. The latter untrustworthy book Arrian wished to supplant ‘ Anwbasis Anabasis, i.

The Army Recruited from the Persians. Ptolemy’s mother, Arsinoe, had been a concubine of Philip of Macedon, for which reason it was generally believed that Ptolemy was the offspring of that king.

AIt”xander’s Wars with the Thracians.