On 21 January , news broke of a major operation by Turkish police against In March , journalist Samil Tayyar, Ankara correspondent of the Star daily . Interview with Tamil Sayyar: ‘EU process victim of and solution to Ergenekon’, . Buy OPERASYON ERGENEKON by Şamil Tayyar (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Email: [email protected] 1. B. Lewis () The Emergence .. Tayyar () Operasyon Ergenekon: Gizli Belgelerde Karanlık I. ˙lis¸kiler [Operation Ergenekon.

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Another position is that while some of the suspects may be guilty of something, there is no organization srgenekon which they are all party, and that the only thing they have in common is opposition to the AKP. We have seen that every search and detention has been conducted solely by police. Moshe Dayan Center, May 13,p.

Since then, the Hizmet movement has become increasingly critical of the AK Party government on a number of fronts, including the lack of progress on the drafting of the new civil constitution and the alienating style and substance of AK Party politics.

They were charged with the attempt to overthrow the government. Skip to main content.

Ergenekon trials – Wikipedia

Tauris,pp. Within 24 hours of the investigation going public, 24 police chiefs were reassigned, including all the police chiefs leading the investigations on behalf of the public prosecution service. However, according to the recent indictments, those agents were just the tip of the iceberg and part of a larger network able mail utilize different ideological segments of society for their own goals.

Byhe was earning 1.

Ergenekon (allegation)

That way, he can say he faces threats. This polarization in approaches is evident especially in Turkish journalistic books.

Afterwards the defendants had tried to “hire” witnesses to testify that the police had placed the arms there. The Intelligence Department closed the case one year later, citing a lack of evidence to substantiate the claims. Phone calls between the two, from before the attack, have also allegedly been recorded. For years, no one knew where the graves of more than 18, citizens were, and most of the victims were of Kurdish origin and were killed by “unknown perpetrators”; no one had questioned or dared to question the case before.


Thus their bodies were never found. Some commentators have suggested the trials are being used to suppress opponents and critics of the AKP government, particularly in the Odatv case.

In the book, entitled Ergenekon — The State inside the Statea former Turkish naval general Erol Mutercimler tells the authors that he had first learned in of the existence of “an organization above the Government, the General Staff and the bureaucracy. The e-memorandum to block the presidential election in the midst of the rallies could now rely on public discontent.

Based on leaked evidence, it is alleged that the prosecutors decided to launch the detentions and search warrants at the time that they did because they had heard the suspects had got wind of the investigations and had started to destroy vital evidence.

Archived from the original on 13 March One can also add here studies that provide historical narratives summarizing the whole process. This cannot be achieved by undermining the judicial institutions and processes required to investigate such claims. Turkish View all editions and formats.

Şamil Tayyar – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

However, according to Section 2 of the code operasyoh Criminal Procedure CMK and the relevant bylaw ofpolice officers and police units are only answerable to the public prosecution service when investigating on their behalf.

Erenerol has herself been linked to the extreme right for many years. In April the trial called “Action Plan to Fight Reaction” was merged with the second Ergenekon trial raising the number of defendants to33 of them in pre-trial detention.

Whether they are pushing us toward civil dictatorship or democratic consolidation, the Ergenekon trials are a benchmark of Turkish politics in any case. The deep state is Turkish shorthand for a faceless clique inside tayyaar Turkish state that has, some claim, held opersayon reins of real power throughout the republic’s year history.


Archived from the original on 24 September Cihaner gave orders for acts of violence that sought to foment chaos in society,” the witness claimed. The number of individuals implicated in the Ergenekon investigation is growing by the day.

Tuncay Güney

What is the significance of this investigation? The indictment has pages. As Radikal’s Gokhan Ozgun notes, the Ergenekon gang ergeenekon a large and dangerous formation, stretching beyond the limits of one’s view of a “gang”. The discussion page may contain suggestions. Malware-genallowed the placement tayyad the documents to go unnoticed by the defendants.

Very recently the country has been shaken by two corruption investigations involving ministers from the ruling Justice and Development Party AK Party. In this context, if one also takes into account the lack of sufficient evidence and the impossibility of acquiring archival records, the issue seems to yayyar limited to the realm of conspiracy theories and narratives. This situation puts those people in pain. Cases for reporting on Ergenekon.

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With the exception of an Italian parliamentary report in ,9 since then the Gladio story has otherwise practically disappeared from public scrutiny. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. Subsequently his lawyer declined to defend him any further.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oktay Yildirim, a retired general whose fingerprints, according to Tayyar, were found on grenades discovered in the Umraniye raids, allegedly left detailed information about Ergenekon’s structure on his computer. This has not stopped the church from accumulating wealth with support from the authoritieshowever. Retrieved 2 December