Hey hopefully taking the RIC in the spring. Anyone out there have a RIC guide from one they took possibly in a PDF or something that I can get. Membership Director: Henry Beyer [email protected] Program AMGA Guide Education and Certification Program. AMGA Rock Guide Course & Aspirant Exam Overview . The packet will include: program manual, roster, location map, . The AMGA rock exam will weed you out. For twelve hours a day, five days in a row, we guided the best rock guides in the US up convoluted.

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Site Verification The site verification process is intended for specialized programs such as summer camps or other organizations that offer limited climbing instruction at a single site with the same staff. It is the responsibility of xmga individual to maintain appropriate medical training.

AMGA Rock Instructor Course Manual

Summer camps, universities, and climbing schools are looking for certified instructors to comply with accreditation and land manager requirements. Inevitably at the end of the class I hear that the course was “too short” and “I wish I had more days to practice.

The PCIA began in to fill a niche in the climbing community with courses instrucfor provide comprehensive exposure to fundamental climbing knowledge and instructional skills for individuals who teach in climbing gyms, top-rope, and single pitch environments. A professional is partly defined as someone who has had training and evaluation.

These programs facilitate climbing experiences in which the staff typically belays participants and does not teach rock climbing skills such as belaying, anchor construction, etc.

First, we all benefit from increaing our knowledge base. You are able to comfortably lead and safely protect 5. Risk Management – Tips to minimize edge time exposure, identifying critical moments in cycles of climbing activities. Can I get university credit?

As a course participant you are provided a free one membership in the AMGA. PCIA instructor trainers are professionals in the field with years of experience climbing and teaching climbing, and who demonstrate a performance level well above the Insgructor exam level.


Are there any economic benefits? Thank you for your patience ckurse my repeated questions – good example of the professionalism and educational skills – being able to explain it multiple ways to someone. While the course fee may appear high compared to inetructor outdoor amha, you receive much more personalized attention in this course as the maximum course ratio is 6: Managing belays – Considerations for choosing bottom managed or top managed belay sytems and how to definitively prevent student belay failures.

See below mwnual complete details. Raising – Simple methods for raising climbers without additional tools. This update course must be taken prior to the expiration of current certificate.

Propelled by CoPilot at 6, ft. If we are not able to meet your schedule, we will be happy to refer you to other qualified guides.

Instrucfor importantly, he is the principal author and proponent of the entire AMGA top rope site manager curriculum and a lead instructor for AMGA train-the-trainer programs. Participants in this module may attain TMCI Certification, or individuals who demonstrate a lead climbing ability at a 5.

The SPI is the only internationally recognized single pitch climbing instructor certification program in the United States. Participants will be assessed on both their core akga and their ability to effectively teach and coach related skills. Outward Bound and NOLS instructors, school teachers, college professors and Outdoor Education majors from universities across the country, climbing wall and summer camp climbing staff, instructors from private climbing schools and guide services, individual aspiring climbing guides and instructors, and recreational climbers seeking a higher level of skill and more intense instruction and feedback than is available in most climbing instructional courses.

Sites that feature multitudes of both traditional and re-directed top rope climbs and unique site challenges are easily accessible. Those working in remote locations greater than two hours from hospital care are required to be Wilderness First Responder certified. They are passionate about furthering the professionalism of climbing instructors and committed to the consistent and high quality delivery of courses and rocm.


The SPI course is designed for strong recreational climbers with proficiency in top-rope climbing and moderate trad leading. A Site Verification provides instructorr focused on the specific climbing activities being done and is not comprehensive in nature.

The supplemental knowledge and specialized skills provided are designed to allow the Sport Climbing Instructor to effectively operate at outdoor climbing sites. Available at your site by arrangement at the following rates.

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course – Adventure Spirit Guides

If you wish to take the exam and took your original course from another course provider, then the AMGA requires that you take the two day update and exam. When the course was over, I was wishing for another five days. I have done other private lessons with AMGA guides and was not too impressed PCIA programs are intended for individuals who already do or desire to instruct climbing skills, facilitate climbing experiences, or monitor climbing activities.

Possess the personal equipment necessary in the course rope, artificial gear rack, runners, cordellettes, belay devices, anchor line, etc 7. Wilderness First Aid certification is recommended.

We have had one or more full time AMGA certified rock instructors or rock guides on staff each year since – sixteen years more than any other local school. However, unlike the others, you not only have great technical skills, but great teaching skills as well. Course participants receive daily evaluation and are granted a one-year associate membership in the AMGA.

If you cannot take a course with us, we encourage you to contact us for a specific instructor recommendation in your area.