Ameloblastic carcinoma is a rare form of odontogenic tumor, one that develops in the jawbones from the epithelial cells that generate the tooth enamel. Mandible / maxilla – Malignant tumors: ameloblastic carcinoma. Ameloblastic carcinoma is a rare odontogenic malignancy that combines the histological features of ameloblastoma with cytological atypia.

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The odontogenic cyst as a potential carcinoma: Treatment strategy of a huge ameloblastic carcinoma.

Pathology Outlines – Malignant tumors: ameloblastic carcinoma

Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, 3rd Edition, In the present study, the cure rate of the primary tumors was higher than that observed in the literature vs. Yoon et al [ 14 ]. The most common course of the disease is persistent recurrence with local spread.

Pathological review of the needle biopsy demonstrated ameloblastic carcinoma. Because of the risk of recurrence, life-long periodic physical examinations are necessary. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg.

Ameloblastic carcinoma of the maxilla. Orthopantomograph showing a well-defined unilocular radiolucent lesion affecting left maxilla with multiple displaced teeth Click here to view. Postoperative photograph after 6 months Click here to view. Total mandibular reconstruction after resection of rare “honeycomb-like” ameloblastic carcinoma – A case report. It may appear de novo or originate from a pre-existing ameloblastoma or odontogenic cyst.


Ameloblastic carcinoma

Chest radiograph of one patient showing metastases in the bilateral lower lobes of the lung black arrows. Oncology Letters, 8, J Am Dent Assoc ; Radiotherapy alone is appropriate for patients who are not surgical candidates, or exhibit advanced local or metastatic disease.

However, 22 years later, panoramic radiographs demonstrated bone carinoma Fig. Pain is rarely associated with benign tumors or cysts, but common among malignant odontogenic tumors. Symptoms may include progressive pain and swelling of the jaw. Distant metastasis can occur in the absence of a local or regional recurrence [ 2 ]. Ameloblastic carcinoma occurs more often than malignant ameloblastomas by a ration of 2: Abstract The maxilla is an unusual site for an ameloblastoma, and certainly for an ameloblastic carcinoma.

For more information about clinical trials conducted in Europe, contact: The cure rate was No radiation and chemotherapy. Report of two cases.

Pulmonary metastases from ameloblastoma of the mandible treated with cisplatin, adriamycin, and cyclophosphamide. Carbon ion therapy for ameloblastic carcinoma.


Cases of ameloblastoma should be studied carefully, correlating their histologic pattern with biologic behavior to detect changes in histology that may predict aggressive behavior. Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; Partial resection, neck dissection. An analysis of 6 cases with review carcinoa the literature. Introduction Ameloblastic carcinoma is a relatively rare type of tumor.

Ameloblastic carcinoma: A case series

However, controlled studies with larger groups of patients are required to increase the accuracy of results. New classification of maxillary ameloblastic carcinoma based on an evidence-based literature review over the last 60 years.

J Oral Maxillofac Pathol ; Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Keywords Ameloblastic carcinoma Ameloblastoma Malignant ameloblastoma.

Benlyazid et al 7 retrospectively reviewed 66 patients with ameloblastic carcinoma that were reported between andand the majority exhibited lung metastasis, which indicated the requirement for systemic therapy.