AMCA 99-0401 PDF

This guide, known as AMCA Standard Classifications of Spark Resistant Construction, defines three levels for spark resistant construction: Spark A, B. This white paper is available to download at no cost at whitepapers. Air Movement and to ANSI/AMCA Standard ” REFERENCED. This white paper is available to download at no cost at whitepapers “Fans shall comply with AMCA Publication 11 to bear the AMCA Certified.

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The use of the above Standard in amcz way implies a guarantee of safety for any level of spark resistance. The potential questions which may be associated with fans constructed of FRP, PVC, or any other plastic compound were not addressed.

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AMCA Standard Classification for Spark Resistant Construction – REA HVAC

Ferrous hubs, shafts, and hardware are allowed provided construction is such that a shift of amda or shaft will not permit two ferrous parts of the fan to rub or strike. All parts of the fan in contact with the air or gas being handled shall be made of nonferrous material. This standard applies to: The fan shall be so constructed that a shift of the impeller or shaft will not permit two ferrous parts of the fan to qmca or strike.


The user shall electrically ground all fan parts.

AMCA Standard 99-0401-86 Classification for Spark Resistant Construction

The exact method of construction and choice of alloys is the responsibility of the manufacturer; however, the customer must accept both the type and design with full recognition of 99-0401 potential hazard and the degree of protection required.

The Standard contains guidelines which are to be used amcs both the manufacturer and user as a means of establishing general methods of construction.

AMCA Standard Classification for Spark Resistant Construction Fan applications may involve the handling of potentially explosive or flammable particles, fumes or vapors. The fan shall have a nonferrous impeller and nonferrous ring about the opening through which the shaft passes.

Bureau of Mines and others has shown that aluminum impellers rubbing on rusty steel may cause high intensity sparking. The use of aluminum or aluminum alloys in the presence 999-0401 steel which has been allowed to rust requires special consideration.


This Standard applies to ferrous and nonferrous metals. Such applications require careful consideration of all system components to insure the safe handling of such gas streams.

Research by the U.

No bearings, drive components 99-401 electrical devices shall be placed in the air or gas stream unless they are constructed or enclosed in such a manner that failure of that component cannot ignite the surrounding gas stream.