Ambush in Absalom A Pathfinder Society Quest Author • Mark Moreland Contributing Artists • Klaus Sherwinski and Luisa Preissler Cartographer • Corey . Pathfinder Society Quest: Ambush in Absalom is a Pathfinder Society Quest designed for 1st- to 5th-level characters (Tier 1–5; Subtiers 1–2. Publisher blurb: A Pathfinder carrying an important message has gone missing in the sewers beneath Absalom, but what the PCs find when they investigate the.

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But, I really want to join a Pathfinder session! I’d like to play Drakon or Zan, depending on tier – what is the quest credit?

Ambush in Absalom – PathfinderWiki

Cold Thief Bold Luck. Day of the Demon Convention Special: Last edited by xazil; December 28th, at Artwork from Ambush in Absalom. Please select a support frequency. The actually the 8th works as I have a game on the 2nd already.


If the worst happens and I can’t make the 9th, we’ll check out new times, but please, choose the 2nd Rivver. I have quite a few options as to who to bring to this.

FG Wish List – http: For I have a melee druid. Season 3 – Year of the Ruby Phoenix. Season 1 – Summary. I will bring Coburn level 2 Warpriest. Geek Ih Trades Geek Store.

Typically folks post up their characters. I don’t see any character info other than some vague stuff. Got date wrong.

Sorry wasn’t keeping up with this thread. I suggest you agree among yourselves and I’ll run accordingly. One sees clearly only with the heart. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

Season 5 – Year of the Demon. Season 4 – Year of the Risen Rune.

Ambush in Absalom – A Pathfinder society Quest for tier 1–5 – Page 2

Ambhsh in Remember Me? At this point, BGG is probably my most visited site! Quests are really short. The Silent Grave Convention Special: Last edited by Rivver; December 28th, at If not, I’ll run it again sometime.



Anyone can play for free. I have to drop my daytime commitments, so I will have to resign out of this game. Don’t abealom an account yet?

I’m playing in xazil’s game on the 2nd so abaslom second date is the only one that works for me as well. Don’t have an account yet? Learn More I supported because… “An invaluable resource in navigating vast world of tabletop gaming.

Add tags Tags separate by space: Anyone can play for free. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. Cold Thief Bold Luck.