She’s got a coterie of friends – one single woman, one ‘getting a divorce’ woman and a Gay couple, a mother who nags Aisha about her. In this amusing though flawed novel, Kala introduces the Bridget Jones of India. Aisha Bathia is an independent year-old single woman living in New Delhi. : Almost Single eBook: Advaita Kala: Kindle Store.

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But it was just like watching an episode of mediocre comdedy show but nothing else.

I love books on the Mughal Era, historical or fictionalised accounts on the Taj Mahal are always welcome. Some conversations were entirely in Hindi I think and not translated. There’s some wit in here. There cant be any spoilers cuz the plot is very predictable.

Why do you think that it might be more culturally acceptable for Americans to marry later? May 26, Utkarsh Bansal rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I needed a light read after a heavy WW2 novel and this came in handy. Initially when I picked the book, I thought it would be something like “The Single Woman” by Mandy Hale, where the single woman rediscovers herself.

Or does she even want to be rescued? Chick lit does not deal with culturally suppressed women. And worst of all, you have the gay best friends who are everything you expect them to be if you’ve seen enough mainstream Bollywood. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Most of the parts are very predictable and we have seen and read ziliion times. Look at this book a little differently. This ended up being just another chic-lit with nothing great in the offering.

And people who’ve barely started to enjoy each other’s company fall madly in love with each other, skipping all the steps in between. More accurately, it’s a novel that has one joke about how absurd all of this is and expects it to be funny for pages.


Aisha is Bridget Jones in a sari. I felt it has nothing new to offer.

Almost Single by Advaita Kala | : Books

In this amusing though flawed novel, Kala introduces the Bridget Jones of India. Humor was lame and the story quite predictable. Very possible situations, relatable characters and real This review first published on Oh Just Books.

It had become very predictable towards the second half, losing its entertainment value. But Bathia almos her eye on only one man, Karan Verma, the handsome investment banker from New York, even though as things move along she begins to question exactly what she is looking for. Do you defy what your culture expects of you in any ways? Like the story between Aisha and her ever present yet elusive ex is very hazy. View Full Version of PW.

Almost Single

You have the girl who can’t think about anything except men and strategies to find a husband. I wish I had never picked this one up. This is my favourite line in the book and one of the few sensible ones which stuns you by its perceptive simplicity in an otherwise complete masala book. But they are just happy that I went out there and singl what I wanted to do and the book came into being, since getting published can be tough.

I have, however, been in Delhi for nearly two years now, which is a record of sorts for the recent past. He cheats on his wife at work and cheats on his work by juggling a wife and a mistress. We’re not here to grow and discover the secret depths in people with Aisha, we’re here to make fun of the world with her.

Book Review of “Almost Single” By Advaita Kala | soniareviews

This book is a complete hilarious with loads of fun factor. May 11, M rated it liked it. Overall, don’t spend your money but if you get a chance, why not pick it up. The novel is for a niche audience — the urbane urban ones who constitute the Multiplex audience. While the romance scenes are not very tense or romantic, Kala hits a bull’s-eye with the situations Bathia and her cohorts finds themselves in.


I love reading about different cultures and part of the experience and appeal of reading a book taking place in India is learning about India.

Sep 08, Lavanya Nair rated it liked it. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Stay in Touch Sign up. Aisha Bhatia, over-weight, wine-drinking and almost turning thirty single gal works in a grand hotel and has a snooty boss who makes her life difficult as and when he can. There are tims when you laugh out loud with Aisha and then moments when you’d like to slap her Her mum, cousin and aunty and friends give the r The Indian Bridget Jones, only wittier and funnier!

Do you think that U. The author seems to treat feelings and dilemmas with so little weight, they lose all impact.

I have always written but it has been a very private endeavour, mostly an attempt to make sense of the world around me.

I have great friends and family, and their support has been tremendous. Mar 31, Samir Dhond rated it liked it. I am only on the second chapter and reached that months ago.

Almost Single Reader’s Guide

I’d really recommend to read it, especially as a light summer read. From my personal experience, I have to disagree with all these exalting statements. In true Bollywood style. I almist still recommend that you read this book because the book is a representation of the thinking patterns of today’s youth, their ideologoies.