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Shows are nominated by fans, finalists are chosen by a steering committee, and the winners are voted on by an independent panel of judges.

Saturday at Noreascon Three. Third installment of my reminiscences about a once-in-a-generation convention that took place 25 years ago this week. Fire marshals threw a large monkey wrench into plans for opening the Art Show when they disapproved a lighting setup that had passed muster at other conventions. Not until Saturday was the con allowed to turn on the full array. According to Chip Hitchcock in Instant Message Thursday the hotel electrician and other people visited us and told us a lot of our things were unacceptable.

One wnticipatia the main concerns was a new city ordinance prohibiting unshielded bulbs, which might break if a 9-foot-tall fan bumped into them. Kurt Siegel of the Schenectady Fire Department, who talked fire departmentese to them and saved a lot of time.

At one point we had Frank Richards in a warehouse in Woburn and Monty [Wells] in the office in South Anticipxtia waving money at a wholesaler, finally convincing them it was OK to give the stuff at the warehouse to Frank. Popular Choice Best Artist Professional: James Gurney Best Artist Amateur: The group invented two symbiotic animals.

Despite these anomalies the panel went fairly well, with members of the audience chiming in with their own horror stories. One panelist explain[ed] that the idea for the first story he ever sold came to him while he was a naval officer and was enduring Prisoner of War simulation! However, Gavin Claypool reported the Sunday showing was canceled.

We learned later that was not because of poor attendance or the lukewarm review in a Boston paper. A local distributor rented the print to replace another film doing poorly in one of his movie houses and Wizard ran successfully for three weeks. Things ran smoothly enough that Fred Duarte was hard-pressed to think of any problems handled by Program Operations — oh, except one.

They scrounged up another one and the panel started 20 minutes late. Division head Ben Yalow himself took this problem in hand. After all, the speaker was a famous scientist — Dr. As Becky was a convention official at the information table it was yeoman work getting her away from a swarm of folk in search of her advice and almanqh. Ignoring Elst, several people ordered lobster and even persuaded the good doctor Weinstein, not Anticipqtia to give them surgical tips for extracting the meat.


With northeastern fans always full of ideas for how profitable Worldcons should spend their money, I said I was surprised they stopped at just funding a study committee.

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They could just as well have gotten a grant from Worldcon Atlanta Inc. Filled with wonderful seafood, we helled back to the Sheraton in taxis: I had to get to the Hugo ceremony! Fred Pohl emceeing Noreascon 3 Hugo ceremony. Photo by Robert Sneddon from Fanac. Ghod Blesh Saint Fantony: Hugo nominees, in case they won, received a anticipztia printed diagram of how to approach the stage, where Fred Pohl would hand them the award, where to pause at midstage for photographers, and where to find the steps at the far side of the stage.

Or the Big Bang. Fantony 1 bearing a Hugo rocket. How much time did the nominees have to absorb these directions? Lucius Shepard at Noreascon 3. Photo by Frank Olynyk from Fanac. A member of the committee in a tangerine evening gown tried to shout directions over the din of gossipy pros and fans. While we were backstage being herded together in categories, Jill Eastlake was onstage explaining the traditions of the knights of St.

Dick Eney in his knightly pastel green garb and brass headband led us. Dick showed his knightly virtue by not asking me where in almqnah is Fancyclopedia 3 anyway.

We walked circuitously through the auditorium like extras in antiipatia Hercules movie. Nominees in the professional categories marched at the end. Donald Eastlake III came last in line carrying a purple banner: He stood it beside the larger St. Fantony and Noreascon Three banners already on stage. When Pohl mentioned the Ballantines 2, fans and writers applauded loudly. They paid more than anybody else. Noreascon Three presented two Special Awards.

Jaffe thanked Rutgers University for its facilities. When that was corrected, to much huffing by Art Saha, the presentations were made. We keep Fred Pohl around as an example. What do you do? I know more Isaac Asimov stories than Harlan Anticipahia stories.


Takumi Shibano introduced colleagues from Japan who gave out two Seiun Awards to North American winners not present anticopatia the Japanese national convention. Andre Norton received thunderous applause when she came onstage to present the award she created and funded.

The Gryphon Award goes to the best unpublished fantasy by a woman. The physical award is a anticipatiq gryphon embedded in a hefty Lucite almabah, and its winner was Elizabeth Waters. There is also an honor book award, which went to Lee Barwood. Analog editor Stanley Schmidt presented the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer to Michaela Roessner. Then Fred Pohl began handing out the Hugo Awards. Martin Hoare left and Mike Glyer right at Noreascon 3.

To my surprise and delight, File won Best Fanzine. I apologized to Nancy and inserted a correction in the daily newzine. Best Semiprozine went to Anicipatia. I wondered whether Charlie Brown ever did any maintenance on his Hugos. Not that it ever occurred to me they needed any until British fan Peter Weston, whose company has been manufacturing the Hugo rockets sincetook me aside.


They shared the convention hotel with a group almanzh World War II veterans. Pohl got stuck in an elevator with 15 people: Kinsella lives in British Columbia. Brandishing his Hugo, Effinger had one last remark: Best Novel went to C.

ESFS Nominations 2014

There was the usual orgy of photography after the ceremony. A lot of fans stayed in their seats for the promised Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Robert Silverberg left and Ralph Vicinanza right at Noreascon 3. The Legendary Keith Kato: Once upon a time Anticipayia Kato was a physics student and science fiction fan anticipztia discovered this natural law: For years Kato hauled his cooking pots and hot plates around the country and spent Hugo day in his room cooking meat and simmering chili, oblivious to the smell of hot oil wafting down the entire corridor as far as the elevators, and hoping Housekeeping was the same.

Keith tried to retire once mainly because of the unkissed toads who crashed his parties and never even thanked him. Fortunately he anticipwtia back.

Ioan Popa (scriitor) – Wikipedia

First, I ran into Keith at a market next to the convention center filling a shopping cart with cheese and vegetables. In spite annticipatia the Sheraton, Larry kept the party running until 5 a. Tom Hanlon reported pros complained the Bantam Books party was cordoned off by hotel security. They were eventually moved to a larger and cooler room on a non-sleeping-room floor.

Despite that, a number of parties were closed. The committee relied heavily almmanah volunteer elevator monitors to prevent overcrowding. Monitors took a almabah of mindless abuse: I heard it, and it was disgusting. With elevator management, elevators are slow, crowded and inefficient, but at anticopatia somebody notes it in the Ops log. His friend Debbie Hodgkinson mentioned they got anticipatoa a tiff: He got mad when I called it Fenwick. Effinger was even more emotional about the reception for his Hugo-nominated novel When Gravity Fails: Effinger was soothed to learn the sequel, A Fire In The Sunwas featured in the window of a nearby bookstore.

In the s I was still part of the Fancyclopedia 3 editorial project. The entire set is online here. Here Jay Kay Klein right interrupts photographing the Hugo winners long enough to give me a piece of his mind. I must deserve it — do I look guilty, or what? Photo by Julee Johnson Tate.