ABSTRACT. Although no conventional biography of Allan Boesak has been published, either by himself or others, as far as we are aware, we have enough data. The unsettling Story about Allan Boesak’s Involvement in the Struggle against Apartheid. Mary-Anne Plaatjies-Van Huffel. University of Stellenbosch. Anti-apartheid activist and pastor, Allan Boesak, has criticised South African churches for forgetting their role in the new South Africa.

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Boesak declined to testify in his trial in I dare say it would have been a loss similar to that later experienced when Chris Hani was assassinated in Although the subsequent presidential pardon not only cut his prison time short but also expunged the criminal record, the episode will always be part of his history. Church and theology led Boesak to politics and not the other way round. The s are marked as much by the rise of Black Consciousness as they are about the concomitant rise of the Bantustan System.

Reconciliation and Justice and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’. It took my older siblings longer to finish school, but it did mean that all of us got schooling – all my older siblings became teachers. Since Running with Horses was deliberately not meant as a regular allab, it does not afford us much insight into the young Boesak’s family. Verbum etEcclesia, 28 3 He was jailed in and released inhaving served allwn over one year of his three-year sentence.

Boesak was charged and found guilty of fraud on 24 March And when I was confronted with the challenges of my ministry under apartheid and the challenges posed by Aunt Meraai, and discovered the inadequateness of my training, I was saved by what I heard my mother say about God. Meanwhile, the government had asked one of its own legal advisers to investigate.


But this kind of achievement was rare in the seventies. The allegations forced him to withdraw his nomination as ambassador to the United Nations. Language creates the reality it describes.

The making of Allan Aubrey Boesak: Theologian and political activist

Reflecting on his overall experience in the Netherlands, Boesak declared: Language creates the reality it describes. Engaging John de Gruchy’s challenges for “Theology at the edge”.

What struck him most about his mother is captured well elsewhere in his 24 January email: Deep down, instinctively, almost, black Christians always knew. Only a quarter of the foundation’s income had gone to projects intended by Scandinavian donors to help apartheid victims. In he was convicted of theft and fraud, and he served one year of a three-year sentence before being released in Subversion charges were however dropped, but the security police kept him under constant surveillance in the hope of finding a reason to discredit him.

The presence and accompaniment of parents is an important feature in the growth of any child.

Allan A. Boesak

What is often underestimated is Boesak’s community organizational ability, skills he picked up first, as parish priest. Language a,lan not just describe reality. If Allan Boesak is anything, he is a theologian – an astute and adept theological all-rounder, deeply rooted in the reformed tradition. Taylor and Francis LTD, 7 4, The Education of a British Protected Child.

He allzn a conspicuous advocate of the boycott in of the Coloured and Indian Parliamentary elections, but after the South African government declared a state of emergency he was one of only a few prominent anti-apartheid leaders who were not restricted.


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Allan Boesak – Desmond Tutu Center

With the likes of Oliver Tambo, Chris Hani, Ruth First and others in exile and the likes of Walter Sisulu, Robert Sobukwe, Aaron Motsoaledi and other in jail, a new crop of leaders emerged, some from the unlikeliest of sections of society. And yet there is no denying that, on the evidence he provides in this work, the early exit of his father, left a void in the life of Allan Boesak. In some of his writings, he regarded Jesus as one who knew the pain of fatherlessness.

In the annual Ashley Kriel Memorial Youth Lecture, he suggested that the ANC was well down the slippery slope of ethnic preferences and “had brought back the hated system of racial categorization.

Allan Aubrey Boesak

But he is much more. In the years sincewhen he returned from the Netherlands, Boesak has bequeathed more than twenty monographs, hundreds of moving speeches delivered in rallies, several Bible studies town halls chapels at home and abroad as well as a tangible legacy of political activism boeszk.

Boesak is not merely captivated by power; he is one who knows what it means to be captured by the powers that be. Instead, Mrs Boesak Snr, would read a Bible text to each of the children on their birthday, pointing out that the word of the Bible was greater than any present.