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Maybe getting a tat is not a big deal after a Vicki writes of Mim, a quite different character, not an anguishing private school girl of many teen books, but Mim from the hard suburbs, struggle town itself.

And Jordan, the boy she sent Valentines to for years, why is he now suddenly a creep? Because that’s what this book is being called – gritty contemporary YA fiction. Mim’s story is sweet and raw, her character likeable in its flaws, and her development and change of heart realistic and gradual.

I knew I was in for a treat when I finally got the chance to read this one. This message of following your dreams and teaching the reader that even though it may not seem like it but your family is always there for you and loves you was the main reason for my love of the book. Please call the relevant shop for the most current stock information.

Hold up on the last bit. As the plot gathers urgency, Mim develops as a character, forced to confront each of her staunch rules. I really, really liked this. Mim knows what she wants, and where she wants to go — anywhere but home, stuck in the suburbs with her mother who won’t get off the couch, and two brothers in prison. This is not your usual YA read. Add to all that a whimsical elemen It’s been two days since I read this and still don’t think what I have to say will do it justice.

It’s a story about daring to dream and the transformative power of hope. Through the novel new characters are introduced such as a new friend, Kate.

And if it appears like I am just some pro-censorship, “think of the children” sort of person, you have me wrong, but I know I am thinking of all the girls out there and if I am a bad guy, then it’s an honour, and a privilege and my duty Amen.


She dreams of traveling and visiting places that she’s only read about in books. I think it’s the book as well, not just me, so maybe this will be the most truthful review I will ever write. Not clean as the happy-ending-pristine-white way, but the so called “gritty” sometimes-things-aren’t-always-perfect way. She has problems, and she’s determined to solve them herself.

Surely there’s a recipe for it. Online Not in stock. And all the time her best friend is urging her to go after the boy of her dreams, and confess her feelings, but her bf doesn’t know that he stole a package of drugs from her family. Her prose is stunningly beautiful and atmospheric. I chose the book, All I Ever Wanted because the front cover caught my attention.

That all could have been overlooked by me, if the novel had stayed true to it’s dark tone from the beginning. But a star must be removed be Just one of those books where you take away more than just a story. So I got really excited. Jan 15, Adele rated it it was amazing. Her story is in equal parts heart-wrenching and heart-warming, and wholly touching.

It was like, to an 18 year old teen stumbling through life, all the answers to unasked questions. Wkaefield what’s worse is his awareness of her, though much craved earlier, came at the heels of what I felt as ‘I want it because I can’t have it. Paperbackpages.

All I Ever Wanted by Vikki Wakefield

I remember near the start of the novel there was the mention of a noose at the watchtower. A delicious indie cover.

Ballad for a Mad Girl. The only thing that i wish it had was just more.

However, the editors reserve the right to object to anything that feels gratuitous or irresponsible — we want authentic stories, but we also feel a duty of care to our teenage readers. Vikki Wakefield’s debut was written in beautifully spare prose that easily evoked emotion from the reader.

Or she could go the “Regular YA Way” ie: As the story drives toward its surprising conclusion, we’re left as stunned as Mim as she discovers “that there are so many ways to tell a person you love them.


There must be friends who can have a disagreement without screaming at each other and breaking up.

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Only a few pages into the book we watch Mim, the MC, get robbed of drugs she was trafficking for her family by the guy she’s been in love with for years. And who is the mysterious girl next door who moans at night?

But as soon as soon as she breaks one of her rules – a possible drug deal – the rest start to crumble around her. This would make a fantastic school character study as the reader gets to know the main character so well. Published by Text, perhaps Australia’s most exciting and hip Pub House on the block. Her ability to sculpt vik,i flesh and blood characters, with only words, ensures she will quickly be placed snug among the ranks of those we already know to expect much from, vioki likes of Cath Crowley, Melina Marchetta, Leanne Hall, Fiona Wood and Tim Pegler, for their talent to makes us love their characters.

At the beginning I l eager to read this book because my thoughts from reading the blurb were all positive. At 16, she’s weighed down by a poor family, 2 brothers in jail and a gritty, run-down suburb. She w “I’m getting out,” I tell her. This novel is being branded as as “landmark” and I can easily see why.

I qanted the story line of waekfield stuck and wanting to get out, to escape has been done time and again Mim has a good friend named Tahnee and they have known each other for a while. The characters that live on Tudor Crescent with Mim make this book shine.