Read Seawitch by Alistair MacLean by Alistair MacLean by Alistair MacLean for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. “Here’s the latest spellbinding thriller from Alistair Maclean – about an enormous, sophisticated, moble oil rig called the Seawitch, anchored off the American. Seawitch by Alistair Maclean (). To wincing observers his modus operandi seemed nothing short of Draconian, but Cronkite would.

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To destroy it and therefore be able to inflate the price of oil at will, the competitors get together and send one man to deal with Lord Worth.

The trashy mindset anticipates Dallas first episode May ie in development when this novel alisyair published or Dynasty alistairr ep. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Simple plot, fast paced and easily readable and predictable: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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SEAWITCH by Alistair MacLean | Kirkus Reviews

And the US military is easily flummoxed and deceived. Hadn’t read this book for a long time and I have to say I enjoyed reading it again.

Retrieved from ” https: Everything sort of comes out ok in the end, although the body count is astronomically high and nuclear weapons are used to get rid of the evidence – so happy ever after!

This is like a really cheap copy of the breath-taking scene where the Jackal states his demands to the French security forces in Day of The Jackal. The villain has a personal score to settle with Worth and kidnaps him and his daughters. I can’t say that this was my favourite MacLean novel – it sort of felt a bit of mess, with chapters macleaan between different viewpoints and lots of characters for such a short novel.


Characters are one-dimensional, plot stretches credulity at several points, and Mqclean honestly thought my ebook was corrupted and missing a few pages.

The only things that the ten magnates did not count on were the work of two private detectives, how ruthless their man actually was, and the connections millionaires have. Action, danger, what more can one ask? I’m not sure I completely bought into the plot either, although a bit of nonsense now and again is usually fine by me!

Seawitch by Alistair Maclean (1977)

In the later s and throughout the s MacLean was one of the most successful writers in the world, forced into tax exile in Switzerland by the fortune his fast-paced thrillers and their movie adaptations earned him. Seawifch decide to get rid of the threat that he is to their own oil ventures by any means possible, and it’s up to the two loyal friends to keep the millionaire, and his daughters, safe.

They hire a ruthless man to destroy the dream rig of their top rival.

It is fast-paced, so despite the long chapters, the ride wi Ten major oil investors plot against one of the most powerful oil tycoons in the world, a British Lord named Lord Worth. Vocal chords can become paralysed when the mind is possessed of the irrevocable certainty that one is but one step, one second removed from eternity. Basically, a bunch of rich and powerful oil magnates assorted Americans, Russians and Cubans decide alostair gang up on another rich and powerful oil magnate who happens to be British who is getting t I can’t say that this was my favourite MacLean novel – it alisair of felt a bit of mess, with chapters jumping between different viewpoints and lots of characters for such a short novel.

A MacLean fiction where a hero is just great and he can do everything and possess all the deadly skills needed for action. Jan 11, Gannonl rated it really liked it. New York Times 23 Oct The big stage set this time is a football-field-size oil rig anchored in the Caribbean and owned by super-millionaire Lord Worth, who has drilled into a fantastic oil bed and is upsetting world markets.


Seawitch by Alistair Maclean () | Books & Boots

In the world of big oil business’ anything goes. They were, understandably, not unguarded… p. To ask other readers questions about Seawitchplease sign up.

Nobody does it any better than he does. Stereotypical characters The characters are stock, straight from central casting: But Lord Worth’s daughters are betrothed to the protagonists, Mitchell and Alietair, two former police detectives, now private investigators. Believe it or not, I actually picked up this book because, shortly before seeing it, Alistair MacLean was alidtair question or answer?


Events followed one another in random fashion, and the resolution of the conflict was unrealistically simple. These plots have the tacky predictability of made-for-TV jaclean, every one of the scenes conforming to your lowest expectations.

One man has to prevent this. Lord Worth, predatory and ruthless, has clawed his way to great wealth. Thanks for telling us about the problem. John Cronkite, trouble-shooter for the world’s top oilmen and Worth’s ex-victim, is spoiling for revenge.

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Sep 27, Glen rated it did not like it. Cronkite, the John Wayne lookalike, listens to these naughty men squabbling then makes them an outrageous offer: