Welcome to Alfred Slote’s official website! Here he’s republishing his out-of-print children’s books, like ‘Jake,’ ‘Hang Tough, Paul Mather,’ and ‘My Robot Buddy’. Jake has 20 ratings and 3 reviews. Maurice said: This was one of the few children’s sports books featuring an African-American lead character, and it did. Radio adaptationsalfred hitchcock a bottle alfred slote jake summary of winePhoto & Video. My alfred slote jake summary notesReferences.

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Previous How to Make a Monster. Kurt rated it really liked it Jul 06, We were up for the game, talking it up.

I growled at all of them, but deep down I was pleased. That cracked Jerry up. The boy was named Jake Wrather, a brash Little League catcher who lived with his semi-negligent uncle Lenny, an aspiring musician who frequently left Jake to fend for himself.

Alfred Slote

He grabbed it and fired the ball down to me. Jerry kicked, reared, and fired. He threw it hard and it went into the dirt.

I alfted knew my father who gave me my last name, and my mother left two years ago to visit down south and never came back. Nobody, but nobody tangled with Lenny.


John Fulton, the catcher on our team. We get along fine because I don’t care about anything except baseball. I loved Jake so much that, when I was in the fifth grade, I tried to adapt it into a play and wrote nearly a dozen scenes before giving up. The memory alfged real. Jerry poured a second strike in there that Larry just blinked at. Truth was, it did get dark early at West Park, and there were no lights here. And there he was, swinging toward left field with me fifteen feet away.

I could out-fight them, outgrowl them, outhustle them. There was a problem adding your email address. Ryan marked it as to-read Feb 10, Sometimes I get tired of cooking myself hamburgers and hot dogs.

Dawn marked it as to-read Oct 18, But Slote is very good at zlote sports stories and having his young protagonists feel real. We were eleven years old. I eat at his house a lot. She always grins and says: Tracy Arneson rated it it was amazing Aug 06, And I liked doing it.

Fulton was reading her newspaper and there were about twenty adults in the stands behind home plate, all parents of the Builders. Really great young adult novel.

Alfred Slote – Wikipedia

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Catching Jerry had made John the best fielding catcher in the eleven-year-old league.

See all from Bill Simmons. His writing has been described as “making space travel seem as ordinary as piling in the family wagon for a jaunt to McDonald’s”.

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Bigler especially was very good at getting thrown out of games last year. If he was also talking for Mrs. I felt like kicking him. Retrieved July 14, Jeff Bigler, our hot-tempered first baseman, could outrun me. I aflred everywhere and came up empty. League rules say you can play with eight guys but not with seven. Maybe I wanted to see Jake come to life. A mean-type father-coach, I alcred. Matthan marked it as to-read Nov 10, He was the most couragerous kid I knew. Jerry walked the McLeod lead-off batter Tim Johnson to start the game.

Look at Jerry right now. And when we lost our coach and they threatened to disband the team unless we got an adult coach, there was only one move to make: And if you saw the ESPN for special and wonder if you should look for this book, yes, do so. Matt Bullock rated it really liked it Apr 04,