Vision de Anahuac is an evocation of the artistic image of the ancient city of Tenochtitlan Mexico, or as it appeared in to the eyes of the Spanish. Visión de Anáhuac es un escrito central en la obra de Alfonso Reyes ( ), pero difícil de definir: ensayo minucioso y sutil, canto nacional, breve tratado. Vision de anahuac (Spanish Edition) [Alfonso Reyes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Los nueve ensayos reunidos en este libro son.

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He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature five times.

Nagualli: Alfonso Reyes, from “Vision of Anáhuac, ,” trans. Carina del Valle Schorske

The water, oozing, trills in the pungent jars. In the drawings of the Vatican codex, this is represented by a triangular figure adorned with trellises of plants; the goddess of licit loves, hung with verdant ribbons trailing to the ground, while seeds burst from above, dropping leaves and flowers.

Reyyes a great assembly overseen by the Viceroy and the Archbishop, the sluices were opened: The flower, mother of the smile.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the sharp outlines of the illustrations, fruit and leaf, stem and root, are abstract forms, their clarity undisturbed by color. Reyes was reinstated in the diplomatic service in At least for those who like to have their wills alert and minds clear at all alfomso.

The following year,he wrote a short lafonso, La Cena “The Altonsoconsidered a forerunner of surrealism and of Latin American magical realism. The Spanish plain suggests ascetic thoughts; the Mexican valley, simple and sober ones. Those x’sthose tl’sthose ch’s that so alarm us written, drip from the lips of the Indian with the smoothness of maguey syrup.


And on the coasts of New France, groups of natives given fision to hunting and fishing, to dancing or the building of cities. At their feet, in a mirage of crystals, the picturesque city spread out, emanating from the temple, so that its radiant streets extended the corners of the pyramid.

We would surprise them if we were to speak of an American Castile higher than Spain’s, more harmonious, surely less bitter however much they are broken by enormous mountains instead of by hills, where the air glitters like a mirror and enjoys perennial autumn. In the pottery of Cholula, the background of the pots flaunts a floral star, and on the interior and exterior walls of the vase run interlaced calyxes.

The cups of the spinners have black flowers on a yellow background, and, on occasion, the flower appears to be evoked merely by a few fugitive lines. Hold, here, your eyes: After Germany invaded France inhe moved to MadridSpain, and pursued a literary career as journalist, investigator, translator, critic, and writer.

Alfonso Reyes

The flower is painted in a schematic mode, reduced to a strict symmetry, seen in profile or in vizion mouth of the corolla.

In the stone and clay sculptures there are isolated flowers—without leaves—and radiant fruited trees, some as attributes of the divine, others as personal adornment or decoration for utensils. I know not how to describe it. The confrontation of human sensibility with the same natural world cultivates and engenders a common soul. Views Read Edit View history.

Bernal Diaz del Castillo. Ceres’ ears of corn and paradisical plantains, fruits ripe with unknown honey; but, above all, the typical plants: But glorious it was to see, how the open region.


Alfonso Reyes was educated primarily in Mexico City. For the professional basketball player, see Alfonso Reyes basketball. To their ears, in some dark and bloody rite, came howling the moan of the ancient oboe and, multiplied by the echo, the throb of the savage drum.

The most quintessential vision of our nature is in the regions of the central highlands: In the same way, a defined scheme is used to represent the tree: However, they are currently experiencing issues in downloading content. From the bosom of the impressionistic clouds, a fat-cheeked Aeolus blows, indicating the course of the winds—the constant guardian of the sons of Ulysses.

He left a left a legacy of work as a translator Laurence SterneG. Later, the city became an empire, and the clamor of a Cyclopean civilization, like that of Babylon and Egypt, endured, wearying, until the ill-starred days of Moctezuma the Mournful. The historical age in which the conquistadors arrived proceeded precisely from the rain of flowers that fell on the heads of men at the end of the fourth cosmic sun. The chatter is a delicious music.

Hothouse where energies seem to spend themselves with generous abandon, where our spirit drowns in intoxicating fumes, it is the exaltation of life and the vital image of anarchy: He was more interested in the aesthetics of Benedetto Croce. Hieroglyphic writing offers the most varied and abundant material. Carina del Valle Schorske. One, the virgin jungle of America, so long-sung it is hardly worth describing.