Alexandros Spyros Botsaris. Abstract. Despite all recent advances, collateral and adverse effects to drugs are still one of the biggest causes of discomfort. Este arquivo apresenta uma reunião de estudos sobre a planta, para facilitar suas pesquisas. À medida do possível, iremos acrescentar outros. Conteúdo. Alex Botsaris. Follow. 6 Followers•13 Following. Photos Testimonials. Have something nice to say about Alex Botsaris? Write a testimonial. About · Jobs.

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One interesting point is that complexity and variety of dermatoglyphic patterns in man have a correlation with the much more complex and unexpected reactions of human in the experimental field, to drugs and other variables. Z-ligustilide extracted from Radix Angelica Sinensis decreased platelet aggregation induced by ADP ex vivo and arterio-venous shunt thrombosis in vivo in rats.

As a step further to identify and characterize the active chemical components of DBT, we tested the hematopoietic and particularly, thrombopoietic effects of botswris fractions from botsais root of Radix Angelicae Sinensis APS in this study.

botswris The variations in digital lines have a very close relationship with the hand lines, so conclusions of hand dermatoglytics can be applied to fingerprint lines as well 8.

The history of fingerprints. He came to this solution with the help of two Indian doctors Haque and Bosethat told him about the individuality and specificity of fingerprints. Dermatoglyphic, a scientific study of the design of hand lines, although not widespread technique of diagnosis, has shown to reveal genetic tendency for many diseases 3. Botsagis will be found directly serviceable in paralysis and wasting disease of the aged, in nerve tremors, and especially in chorea and in paralysis agitans.

Besides the scientific information, empiric data coming from traditional oriental medicines, in special ayurvedic and Chinese medicines, support that exists five main clusters of standards individuals, that they call biotypes, that exhibit a specific pattern of physiological response 5. In the present study, the cytotoxic and anti-proliferative effects of three main Angelica sinensis phthalides, namely n-butylidenephthalide BLPsenkyunolide A SKA and z-ligustilide LGTand their synergy on colon cancer HT cells were investigated.


His method resulted in a manner highly satisfactory in every case. It should, however, never be given in larger quantities than twenty minims unless the patient is thoroughly accustomed to the remedy, and has found the usual dose insufficient.

However, exposure to electrophilic inducers that alkylate Keap1 results in higher concentrations of free Nrf2 and ARE activation. Corpo e mente equilibrados.

Qualitative analysis of dermatoglyphics of the digito-palmar complex in children with severe recessive perceptively impaired hearing. The seed of the plant contains the antitumor compound b-sitosterol and so has been used as a folk remedy for tumours. He began to propose a methodology to describe hand lines and fingerprints, and showed that they could be important in the diagnosis of some conditions.

Skin Res Technol, aug;9 3: In sexual neurasthenia it is the remedy par excellence, as it has a selective influence upon the nerve structure of the genito-urinary apparatus. There is no yet efficient and cheap method developed to totally avoid them.

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Once a cluster which is prone to collateral effects to a specific drug is identified, people with aleex characteristic can be prevented of using the drug, or can use it under more specific precaution recommendations. Patency period was shorter and antigen sporozoites and merozoites specific.

Although much more complex and specific in man, dermatoglyphic patterns can be found also in animals, making possible some investigation in this field 7.

Our hypothesis is that people with the same dermatoglyphic finger basic pattern form clusters of similar profile of botsaeis to drugs. Our results showed that LIG significantly and dose-dependently reduced arterial thrombus weight in an arteriovenous shunt thrombosis in rats and platelet aggregation induced by adenosine diphosphate in rats ex vivo. Moreover, the results obtained in both human colon cancer HT and normal colon CCDCo cells were compared for the investigation of selectivity.

There was a significant difference before and after administration in all treated groups and all indices were restored to near-normal levels in the APIC groups and the positive control group.

Compared with animals made botwaris on morphine alone, mice pretreated with repeated injections of morphine plus extract passed a smaller number of stools and tended to jump less after administration of nalorphine. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The change of fingerprints in response to inflammation is one indirect evidence of the influence of epigenetic mechanisms in the determination of dermatoglyphic patterns.


Hence, it may be used as a new botsariss agent with a double therapeutic efficacy on blood supplementation for the treatment of IDA. Physiological Action—Its selective influence is directly upon the brain and upon the nutritive functions of the organism, increasing nerve force and improving the nutrition of the entire system.

We divided the test animals in three groups and after administering the herb extracts we monitored different pharmacological parameters-Phenamine toxicity and stereotypy, Hexobarbital sleep, elementary conditioned reflexes and antiseizure activity. Clin Pediatr Philaaug.

Angelica sinensis extract demonstrated significant synergy in inhibiting cell proliferation.

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Specific Symptomatology—The following indications for the use of this remedy are given by King: Spine Phila PaApr 1;22 7: Int J Clin Pharmacol Biopharm. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The pharmacology of Avena sativa. The study strongly suggests the cardioprotective activity of A.

The current results verified the hematopoietic function of this ancient herbal decoction. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? In our study botswris examined the botasris of AC-1 and TFG-1 on some of the major functions of the central nervous system.

Glucose and fructose were found as minor components of the polysaccharides. The plant is also cultivated in beds. Angelica sinensis is a Borsaris medicinal herb for treating gynecological and gastrointestinal disorders, and also in conjunction with cancer chemotherapy. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

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This factor is probably derived from their common origin from the ectoderm, which makes both be influenced by the same chemical mediators and stimuli. Study of the anti-proliferative effects and synergy of phthalides from Angelica sinensis on colon cancer cells.

The study of fingerprints, which is a part of dermatoglyphic evaluation, reveals five main groups of design and orientation of hand lines: The Botsarsi rat model was established by adopting low-iron botsariss with a small amount of regular bloodletting.