connected, and political theory has a religious and theological motivation. That implies “Al-Mawardi’s Theory of the Caliphate”, Sir Hamilton Gibb has pointed. Abu al-Hasan Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Habib al-Mawardi known in Latin as Alboacen ( CE), was an Islamic jurist of the Shafi’i school most remembered for his works on religion, government, the caliphate, and public and constitutional law during a time of political turmoil. the Mu’tazila school of thought, the great (orthodox) Shafi’i jurist al-Subki (d. /) start a discussion philosophically about political ethics and Muslim character First, al-Mawardi influenced by philosophical thought.

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The notable fact here is that, while his predecessors and successors lay great emphasis on the first two points, viz, the safe-guard of religious principles and the dispensation of justice, as the principal thepry of the Imam, al-Mawardi lays the main stress on the administrative responsibility for the carrying mawarci of justice but also the greatest social organization to help promote the corporate life of men.

It is the clearest example of despotism and totalitarianism. Arab, one whose native language is Arabic.

Theory of Rebellion Introduction: He had already before him the precedent of the Umayyads. The State shall enforce the Shariah as the fundamental laws of the state. See also Arabic language. He ignores artificial factors like age, Property and residence etc but those madardi can distinguish between good and bad, between right and wrong and between the wise and poise.

You can make it easier for us to review po,itical, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. The holy Quran is not to answer the question whether there is any need of Imamate? He says ploitical the Imam loses his title and authority on account of one of the following reasons:. When the Abbasids came to power they called themselves the sole defenders of oplitical, and crushed every political dissentient in the name of religion, and sent many innocent souls to the gallows to save Islam.


The people of the Islamic state must revolt if: This practice of appointing two or more heirs apparent proved to be the greatest political evil in Muslim polity. The second fundamental source of political speculation was the Sunnah. Minister delegation must be expert tax collecting, defense affairs and treasury.

Knowledge of religion and of the interests and policy of the nation c. Newer Post Older Post Home. The salient features of the institutions of Imamate: His theory of rebellion is not quite obvious. The institute of Imamate is necessary as a requirement of the Shariah and not as a requirement of reason. Some authors make the claim that his family was Kurdish, [1] a claim which is unsubstantiated. It is the responsibility of the judge to maintain neutrality between these two types of people.

It is of various kinds. The Imam may be addressed as the Khalifat Allahbut the majority of jurists say that this title is forbidden, for no human being can represent God on Earth, since man is mortal and imperfect. With the passage of time Itihad was also introduced. It madardi to consult. Concept of imam or caliph or sovereign.

Mawardi, Abu al-Hasan al-

This money should not be expended with extravagance or stinginess, and must not be either pre-paid or delayed. Al-Mawardi says that the main function of the Wazir is to get the decrees of the Imam executed and he should be the main official channel of information for him.

The appointment of an imam by the consensus of the Muslim community is obligatory. Al-Baghdadi, Usul al-Din, p.

The political thought of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Mawardi

He must look into the foreign policy very carefully and sagaciously, so that relations with other neighboring states must be cordial. Imam mau be deposed if: He also holds that if there is only one candidate for this office, he automatically becomes caliph and there is no need of election.

Lack of the idea of fundamental rights of men has been one of the principal sores in Muslim polity for ages, and has been mainly responsible for almost complete absence of the growth of democratic life in Muslim lands. Ibn Qutaibah, op, cit. Appointed as the chief judge over several districts near Nishapur in Iranand Baghdad itself, al-Mawardi also served as a diplomat for the Abbasid caliphs al-Qa’im and al-Qadir in negotiations with the Buyid emirs.


The defense of the frontiers against foreign invasions to guarantee the security of life and property to Muslims and non-Muslims both in the Islamic State.

Following ar the powers of minister delegation: H to make these nominations; it should be possible in case of khilafat as well. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

Chapter Al-Mawardi | A History of Muslim Philosophy Volume 1, Book 3 |

A state where there is no justice, such states ever fall. Al-Mawardi says various factor made this institution controversial. The ruling Imam can nominate his successor. The aim of Islamic State is to theeory a society as conceived in the Quran and Sunnah. Hprovided you believe in God and in the day of Judgment. The appointment of an Imam by the consensus of the Muslim community is obligatory. The Imam is appointed in one of the two ways: Sign up to receive email alerts from Oxford Islamic Studies Online.

The Wazir of Delegation is the person in whom the Imam has the fullest confidence and to whom the powers of administration of the realm are delegated. If there is only a tyeory stigma in the character of the candidate, it pollutes purity of human conscience. His greatest merit, therefore, lies in the fact that he abstains from abstract speculation and correlates the opinions of the jurists to the historical mawsrdi of his age.

Al-Mawardi says if people are given opportunity to elect their imam, a cunning opportunist may deceive the voters and a corrupt person may become imam. These politifal are three: