Nihāyat al-Bidāyah wa-al-nihāyah fī al-fitan wa-al-malāḥim Notes: Cover title: Nihayat al-bidayat-wal-nihayat fe-el fitan-wal-malahem / Abu-l-Fidaʼ ibn Kathir. Trials and Fierce Battles (Kitab Al-Fitan Wa Al-Malahim) from Sunan Abu-Dawud translated by Prof. Ahmad Hasan – سنن أبي داود. This is from this last volume of Ibn Kathir’s great history work, al-Bidayah wa-al- Nihayah. Nihayah fi al-Fitan wa-al-Malahim النهاية في الفتن والملاحم.

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When the sword is used among my people, it will not be withdrawn from them till the Day of Resurrection, and the Last Hour will not come before the tribes of my people attach themselves to the polytheists and tribes of my people worship idols. At thy service and at thy pleasure, Messenger of Allah. So break your bows, cut your bowstrings and strike your swords on stones. The tradition mentioned above has also been transmitted by Sa’id b.

The last of that will be the emergence of a fire from Yemen, from the lowest part of Aden, and drive mankind to their place of assembly. We saw the last of Ibn Sayyad at the battle of the Harrah. It means those people who fight during the period of commotion fitnahand one of them kills the other people presuming that he is in the right, so he does not beg pardon of Allah of that sin.

Read all Ahadith in trials and fierce battles (kitab al-fitan wa al-malahim) by sunan abu dawood

Similar Items Related Subjects: Book 36, Hadith Report Error Share. Love of the world and fiatn of death. He then transmitted the rest of the tradition.


Do you not recognize him? Narrated Sa’d ibn AbuWaqqas: He said it three times. He who falls into his fire will certainly receive his reward, and have his load taken off him, but he who falls into his river will have his load retained and his reward taken off him. There will be remnant with specks in its eye and an illusory truce.

If acts of disobedience are done among any people and do not change them though the are able to do so, Allah will soon punish them all. Please enter recipient e-mail address es. WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online.

trials and fierce battles (kitab al-fitan wa al-malahim) by sunan abu dawood | IslamicFinder

Citations are based on reference standards. I then got up and said: He said it three times. I am the messiah the Antichrist and will be soon given permission to emerge.

If you are afraid the malshim of the sword may dazzle you, put the end of your garment over your face in order that the one who kills you may bear the punishment of your sins and his.

He then mentioned the tradition and said: He will escape who restrains his hand. Book 39, Hadith 27 English translation: I prayed to my Lord that He may not destroy my community by prevailing famine, and not give their control to an enemy who annihilates then en masse except from among themselves.

If a man takes an oath of allegiance to a leader, and puts his hand on his hand and does ql with the sincerity of his heart, he should obey him as much as possible.


This people of mine is one to which mercy is shown. Whichever of them comes first will soon be followed by the other. Book 37, Hadith 1 English translation: But when you see niggardliness being obeyed, passion being followed, worldly interests being preferred, everyone being charmed with his opinion, then care for yourself, and leave alone what people in general are doing; for ahead of you are days which will require endurance, in which showing endurance will be like grasping live coals.

Ibn Salamah said to me: He is the Antichrist.

JarirBooks-Arabic Books & More: Nihayah fi al-Fitan wa-al-Malahim النهاية في الفتن والملاحم:

He should take his sword, strike its edge on a stone, and then escape if he can. AbdurRahman ibn Samurah said: Narrated Al-Miqdad ibn al-Aswad:. Then there will be the little black trial which will leave none of this community without giving him a slap, and when people say that it is finished, it will be extended.

The first of the signs to appear will iftan the rising of the sun in its place of setting and the coming forth of the beast wao mankind in the forenoon. It will be flight and plunder.

The Euphrates is soon to uncover a treasure of the gold, but those who are present must not take any of it. You will drive them off three times till you catch up with them in Arabia.