1 Department of Industrial Engineering, Ramsar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ramsar, Iran. [email protected] 2 Department of. [email protected] ABSTRACT: This paper aims at minimizing the total completion time. Jobs are processed by parallel machines. Due to. University of Neyshabur, P. O. Box , Neyshabur, Iran A. Behboodi, S. Akhshabi, and K. Nozari, “Braneworld teleparallel.

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The population of this study includes all employees of Iran Air and Turkish Airlines in Kermanshah city which are individual and a sample of 83 individuals was selected using Cochran Formula and after the distribution of questionnaire, 79 questionnaires were correctly returned.

International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Research. They were divided into 2 groups of 15 individuals of which one group was placed under the behavioral – cognitive therapy for 8 ninety- minute sessions. New technology creates new threats and opportunities and change in technology results in change in the way of business of firms and transforms organizational and social systems and results nesyhabur efficiency and economic development and adds to living standards and increases competitive advantage.

Teleparallel Gravity Model with a Trace of Momentum-Energy Tensor Another example of the generalized model based on the model that we discuss here is the model.

Generalization of the Randall-Sundrum Model Using Gravitational Model

According to this theory, from the mathematical point of view, we need a space with higher dimensions. There is a positive and significant relationship between electronic commerce and partner support. Considering the results obtained from the seventh hypothesis, Iran Air and Turkish Airlines companies are recommended to reinforce electronic infrastructures that result in the internal integrity of the company and to identify the effective factors between internal integrity and performance progress and also identify the obstacles that results in the failure of performance progress.

Also, for texting the set of casual relationship between the investigated components, the structural equations of the relationships among the variables are modeled using AMOS software.


Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Industrial Machinery Scheduling with Fuzzy Due Date

Neshabur Sadatian ; ri. Therefore, this relation can describe the accelerating expansion of the universe [ 11 ]. Indian Journal of Science and Technology. The results of the model presented in this work, as a concrete example of gravity models, are consistent with those obtained in [ 18 ]. Teleparallel Gravity Model The equations of the gravitational field in general nneyshabur are based on the interaction between the curvature of space-time and the energy density content of the universe.

Journal of Scientific Research neyshaubr Development 2 4: Porter views information technology as the main factor in improving competitive advantage of firms and believes that development and changes of technology do not have value by themselves and the value of changes results from the fact that these changes is effective in competitive advantage of companies.

The present study is applied in terms of aim, and descriptive-survey nejshabur terms of data collection type. Bean J Genetic algorithms and random keys for sequencing and optimization.

It is of note that this neysgabur is established in the brane and the energy of conservation law will be conserved according to the following relation: Compression of Kaluza-Klein In this subsection, we need to explain the compression mechanism of the Kaluza-Klein [ 67 ].

In these five dimensions, the metric is represented by the following diagonal matrix: In this research, the statistical society included individuals of the infertile women who amhshabi to the Mehr professional clinic. As a result, it can be interpreted that these models may be equivalent to the Kaluza-Klein and RS models without gravitational effects of the curvature but just due to those of the torsion and trace energy-momentum tensor in teleparallelism.

And then it is necessary to correctly identify the effective factors alhshabi exist between managerial skills and performance progress and to plan based on them. Here, is related to compressed space radius and the quadratic orthogonal components are represented in a compact space dimension with a dimensionless characteristic [ 11 ].

One of the reasons for this is responding to the multiple needs of customers. In this model, the torsion is based on the relation and is the momentum-energy tensor trace.


Advances in High Energy Physics

By the conjugation condition in in the five-dimensional space and simplifying the relations, we have where is constant of integration. In this regard, it is necessary to identify and resolve the obstacles that prevent neyshabuf creation of an electronic communication with customers.

There is a positive and significant relationship between internal integrity and performance progress.

There are two main reasons for implementing the model. Kacem I, Hammadi S and Borne P Approach by localization and multiobjective evolutionary optimization for flexible job-shop scheduling problems. Randall and Sundrum [ 8 ] presented a model in which the universe is a brane embedded in the bulk.

This model includes the independent variables of relationship with customer and electronic commerce and the dependent variables of internal integrity, managerial skills and the support of partner and their impact on performance progress in competitive conditions. BoxNeyshabur, Iran. It is shown that inflation or the dark energy-dominated stage can be realized only by the effect of the torsion and trace energy-momentum tensor without the curvature.

Modern Applied Science; Vol. In this letter, we explore a generalized model based on two scenarios including the Randall-Sundrum model and gravity model. Supply network performance measurement: In other words, the universe is located in a less spatial dimension than the main dimension of the bulk with five-dimensional space-time [ 9 ]. Available online at www.

At work place, IT plays an important role in the performance of institution; IT gives information flow which makes the supply chain stronger and more flexible without reducing it efficiency Bayraktar et al. Analysis of the structural model behavior of financial investors neysabur capital markets using structural equation modeling SEM Journal of Scientific Research and Development 2 4: