36, X. 37, X. 38, March , CFG, Blanket statements of conformance are unacceptable for any test results. 39, SIGNATURE, TITLE, DATE. PSW. AIAG Production Part Approval process PPAP 4th Edition Approval of Requirements Team of PPAP Submitted PSW Customer Process Design Requirements I. Hello, in the pdf I can see a new revision from PSW. Have a look at the previous post “AIAG PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).

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The word ccshould”appearing in a NOTE is for guidance only. Enter the checking aid number, if one is used for dimensional inspection, and Its Engineering Change Level and Approval Date.

Part Submission Warrant (PSW) | PPAP Documents

Enter pws master identification not used by Ford. Certain customers may not require entries in all AAR fields. For example, percent solids and viscosity of a bulk coating which impacts the final coating’s film build attribute, may be affected by the customer’s mix room percent solvent reduction. For all other organizations, evidence of PPA approval shall be a warrant signed by both the authorized customer representative and organization or other customer approval documents.

Meeting the initial process study capability acceptance criteria is one of a number of customer requirements that leads to an approved PPAP submission.

These are not necessarily intended to be Special Characteristics. AB CD Control temperature of mix.


Production part approval process

Often the production process is completed or already psa place before sufficient samples can b tested. Even for these short-term studies, it is important to collect and analyze the data in the order produced using control charts. Controls likely to detect the existence of the failure, but not until lot acceptance testing has been completed.

In cases where no production history of a similar bulk material product or technology exists, a containment plan may akag put into effect until sufficient production has demonstrated capability or performance, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

AIAG Production Part Approval process PPAP 4th Edition | G C –

Once the 30 consecutive production samples are produced, measured, and the quality index calculated and accepted, then the interim approval is changed to approved. In-Process testing is used to monitor the manufacturing process.

This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat Show the corporate name and division or operations group. Pws the Bulk Materials Requirements Checklist as follows: Engineering change level and EIC date for this submission.

See the Statistical Process Control reference manual for additional information in understanding the basic principles of statistical stability and process measures indices. When calculated from the same data set, Cplcand Ppkcan be compared to analyze the aia of process variation.

The design record may reference other documents making them part of the design record. One warrant per customer part number can be used to summarize many changes providing that the changes are adequately documented, and the submission is in compliance with customer program aaig requirements.


The PPAP process is designed to demonstrate that a supplier has developed their design and production process to meet the client’s requirements, minimizing the risk of failure by effective use of APQP.

The ID of the manufacturers purchase order Weight i. The requirements for master sample or equivalent shall be agreed by the customer and organization. Indicate reason for Interim Request. High degree of customer dissatisfaction due to the nature of the failure.

Assembly errors, test failures, surface defects are examples of attribute data, which is important to understand, but is not covered in this initial study. Log In Sign Up. The organization shall also identify the print zone for each numbered iaag as applicable. ILITY is the total range of inherent variation in a stable process.

Requests for part approval must therefore be supported in official PPAP format and with documented results when needed [1]. AP Submission Warrant see 2. Cplcis an indicator of how good a process could be if all process variation between subgroups was to be eliminated.