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There is Dajjal as a world wide social and cultural phenomenon. English Choose a language for shopping. The way of Moses and the way of Jesus have been lost. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Rather, it examines and compares the outward existential behavior, along with its inward psychological reality, both of those who do not base their way of life on prophetic guidance, and of those who do. The reason why a muslim community has no need of a police force, or of prisons, or of a repressive legal system, is that the prospect of the Fire provides a far greater deterrent to committing antisocial or selfish actions, and the prospect of the Garden provides a far greater incentive to do right and generous actions, than the deterrents and incentives needed in a kaffir state by people who think that the Fire and the Garden are imaginary places dreamed up by the Christians in the past so that corrupt priests could blackmail simple people into parting with their wealth.

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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. David Icke’s isn’t much better, as you might expect. The mumin is the muslim who trusts in Allah. They are conditioned to desire the bits of paper and the know how which will give them the best of positions possible in the producer consumer hierarchy.

The opposite of that is useless information. Finally there is the Kaffir society which neither lives in harmony with existence nor worships Allah consciously. The signs of these broader aspects of Dajjal, that is what Dajjal the individual will epitomise, are very apparent today, which would indicate that Dajjal the individual is soon to appear.

Dajjal has one eye, like a squashed grape. It means people try to avoid paying the taxes, which means the people in the legal system are given more work, As the taxes are increased and as the accepted value of money diminishes, because prices are put up to gather additional income without having to do any additional work, the work force becomes disgruntled.

The kaffir is the one who covers up the true nature of existence, that is that there is no god only Allah, and who rejects the messengers who are sent by Allah to show people how to live in harmony with what is within them and with what is without them, and to worship and have knowledge of Allah.

Dajjal: The Anti Christ: Ahmad Thomson: : Books

It is interesting to note that there are some writers who have equated the Trinitarian Church, in all its different manifestations, with the Antichrist, since so many of its basic doctrines are not only invented by man but also openly contradict what Jesus himself taught, may the peace dajjak Allah be on him, and since so many of its rituals derive from sources other than the lifestyle of Jesus and his community.


In order to make the money antihcrist worth anything, the people are persuaded to want products which they never wanted before and many of which they simply do not need, Once you have the people wanting the products, they have to obtain the money to buy the products, which means they have to work to obtain the money, Thus in a very short period of time a large number of people can be persuaded to abandon their former way of life, in order tue manufacture the products which they have been persuaded they want, and so get paid to buy them.

This description fits the characteristics ah,ad today’s means of mass transport. In other words, it is possible to antichriist the characteristics of Dajjal as an unseen force by examining Dajjal as a world wide social and cultural phenomenon Considering Dajjal as a world wide social and cultural phenomenon we see that the takeover is well under way, and that the time would appear to be soon approaching when it will be time for the Dajjal the individual to appear, simply because the systems and the people running those systems, that is the kaffir system, that is the Dajjal, system, have apparently gained sufficient world ahhmad control to be able to instate him as the leader they have all been waiting for, once he ha!

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Ibn al Arabi visited some of these worlds in vision, and describes these experiences in hi! BUku ini mengulas tentang tata sistem dunia baru yang terjadi di dunia saat ini. Allah says in Qur’an that the person who is asked about the end of the world, that is the Ghomson, knows as much about it as the person who asks the question.

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No one knows exactly when it will be, but Allah says in Qur’an that perhaps it is closer than you think. In other words, it is yhe to ascertain the characteristics of Dajjal as an unseen force by examining Dajjal as a world wide social and cultural phenomenon. The muslim gives out and leaves the rest up to Allah.

The point is, that although there are people who say they are Muslims but who do not follow the way of Muhammad, at least the way of Muhammad is still available for those who do wish to follow it, and at least there are people who still do follow it. They praise Allah continuously. Get to Know Us. It is not known how reliable or accurate these prophecies or the commentaries on them are. I read the first antifhrist pages and I felt like I had a read Trilogy.

When establishing the consumer producer process in what is called the third world or the under developed countries, the colonisers, as thomsin already antichfist noted, have always disrupted the way of thomsonn which was being followed by the indigenous population prior to the colonisers’ arrival. Clearly, if the writings of John and Nostrodamus came by way of, or were influenced by, bad or mischievous rhe, then they are not entirely reliable, since, as is the case with many of the jinn who are the familiars of those who practice magic, or who communicate with mediums, for every truth that is told, several half truths and outright lies are also added.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Much of this control is made possible by the form which work takes in today’s industrial society. One of the chief methods used by the kaffir system, that is the Dajjal system to erase living Islam is to introduce the kaffir way of life into the muslim countries, whilst disguising this fact by describing it in islamic terminology.

To do this they have to be persuaded to work thomsob hours than before, and the women have to be persuaded that they will be free if they go and work in the factory all day.

Dajjal: The Anti Christ

Muslim economics is based on the voluntary sharing of wealth by the rich with the poor. We are made of water and clay.

Notes by Batat Jay. It than goes on to prove in argument the prophetic lifestyle as the ideal to peace and tranquility and how in our time that ideal is being lost due to the systems set up by the corrupting power which does not have a hand in controlling everything, which he ultimately refers to as the Dajjal before him in his person or the Anti-Christ arrives.

This trust is complete when the person knows his or her self, for whoever knows their self knows their Lord, and whoever knows their Lord knows what comes from their Lord, which is creation, the universe and everything in it; and no form tangible or intangible, actual or conceptual, can be associated with Allah.

Furthermore real knowledge is free. The muslim may believe in Allah whilst still relying on his or her own actions. This enables the few to enslave and control the many, often without the many realising just how great the degree of control being exercised over them is.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. It is much more difficult for a mumin to be anxious about his or her provision, because he or she knows that Allah is the Provider, and that whoever remembers Allah is remembered by Allah, and that whoever praises Allah is fed by Allah. Dajjal will show you water, but you will not be able to drink it. Sayed Dx rated it it was amazing Jun 03, In order to appreciate the characteristics of this system, which is outwardly the expression of Dajjal as a world wide social and cultural phenomenon and inwardly the manifestation of Dajjal as an unseen force, it is necessary to examine it in greater detail.

The fact that the scribes and pharisees, the self appointed priesthood of what had become the Jewish religion, did not even recognise who Jesus was shows how far astray they were from the original way of Moses even then, and that was twenty centuries ago.

The one who wishes to see the face of Allah also knows that he or she must give out of what Allah has given him or her. The book was long. I give one star for it being about the apocalypse which is always fun, and another star for giving an introduction to the ahadith that surrounds the end times.