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AGMA Gear Handbook Gear Classification, Materials and Measuring Methods for Bevel, Hypoid CNCL S/S BY AGMA * CONTAINS FOLDOUT. Buy AGMA A (R) Handbook – Gear Classification, Materials And Measuring Methods For Bevel, Hypoid, Fine Pitch Wormgearing And Racks . Jan 12, Buy AGMA GEAR CLASSIFICATION, MATERIALS AND MEASURING METHODS FOR UNASSEMBLED GEARS from SAI.

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This is caused by eccentricity. This device has two vernier scales: If a workpiece has a bore or shaft size that requires this large amount of expansion or contraction, it would be loose in an assembly that uses standard fits.

Some of the symbols and terminology contained in this document may differ from those used in other documents and AGMA standards. Normally the tolerances apply to both sides of the teeth unless only one side is specified as the loaded side. It provides guidance on specifying quality agma The purpose is to present a common basis for specifying quality, and for the procurement of unassembled gears. The phase difference of the two processed pulse trains is converted to an analog waveform proportional to variations in transmission motion.

This is generally measured in a direction parallel to the axis of rotation of an indicated surface from a datum surface. This method is usually applied only to the first gears cut.

Bevel Gear Classification, Tolerances, and Measuring Methods

No particular method of measurement or documentation is considered mandatory unless specifically agreed upon between manufacturer and purchaser. The total composite variation was read as the difference between the highest to lowest point on the chart.


Production control of backlash is usually done with a roll test machine. This information remains unchanged. Such modifications produce variations in the recorded data output.

These tolerances may be required by the purchaser in some cases; if so, inclusion of gear blank tolerances is to be agreed upon by the manufacturer 309.03 purchaser. Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards.

The topland of a gear tooth is the surface of the top of the tooth. Eccentricity and out–of–roundness are components of radial runout.

The selection of the particular method depends on the magnitude of the tolerance, the size of the gear, the production quantities, equipment available, accuracy of gear agmx and measurement costs. This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. When applications warrant, detailed specific measurements, data analysis, and additional considerations may be necessary to establish acceptance criteria for a gear. The measured location is then compared to the specified coordinate and the error is calculated.

Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. It is important to remember that the ball probe test is influenced by many parameters see 5. The selection of the particular method depends on the magnitude of the tolerance, the size of the gear, the production quantities, equipment available, sgma of gear blanks and measurement costs see 4.

The recommended loads were developed empirically based on a face width of 390.003 mm.


Bevel Gear Classification, Tolerances, and Measuring Methods

Aga measuring methods are provided in 5. Two traditional ways of doing this are: The software must be compatible with the coordinate data provided by the gear engineer.

To achieve statistical compliance, the manufacturing tolerance must be smaller than the print tolerance. Special computer programs are available for the most common bevel gear tooth forms spiral, Zerol, hypoid and straight ; for specific details important to any given application, consult the CMM ahma and software developer. When properly applied, gears manufactured by specific control techniques will be found to be of very uniform quality.

Quantity must be a positive whole number. Guidelines for ball probe comparison of tooth size: The ability to 390.30 accumulated pitch variation is an important attribute of single flank testing. You can download and open this file to your own computer but DRM prevents opening this file on another computer, including a networked server.

Such discrete elemental measurements of bevel gears are not typical, although sophisticated CMM technology is available and is wgma use by some manufacturers. This standard provides the gear manufacturer and the gear buyer with a mutually advantageous reference for uniform tolerances.

It is not intended for use as a reference in procurement of enclosed drives. Measure at the midpoint of the grid, which is at the tolerance diameter, dT, unless otherwise specified.