James Casbolt Mi6 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read A large part of the project focuses on creating espionage agents and. James Casbolt is also known as “Michael Prince” The PDF of the book is available below. I have included the 1st pharagraph “My name is. Even the name James Casbolt means “valiant, decorated warrior of death .. Because of this, I have parts of my mind that are “buried alive” in my subconscious.

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The girl went pale and became unresponsive as I demanded the money. The phone call was from Oak Ridge and relayed the message that the place was on red alert after a reptilian had breached the area and was being hunted by DELTA Special Forces units.

There are now over of these bases worldwide and the average depth of these bases is four and a quarter miles. From France they travelled to Scotland, Ireland and America.

Agent Buried Alive – A Survivor of NSA Genetic Enhancement and Occult Warfare Projects Speak Out

I forgot what I had just done and returned home on the train. This project is one of the most secret and classified projects in this country, and this is the first ever book written about it. Arriving at the casolt at 3. Not a half truth used as a device for evil manipulation.

James Casbolt MI6 – Buried Alive | Super Soldier Forum

God only helps those who help themselves. The simple answer is both. Diangelo then entered the home, and after viewing the dead, did not phone the San Diego county sheriff’s dept. This reaction suggests the Draco hierarchy is a caste system dependent on skin colour and possibly other unknown genetic traits. They are using this drug money to alige projects classified ‘Above top secret’ which include the building and maintaining of deep underground military bases DUMBS.


Dissection of the truth. [James Casbolt MI6.Agent Buried Alive]

By the time I was eighteen, I was involved in advanced remote viewing programs at an underground facility in London. I was born in London in These genetic enhancement methods are a continuation of the Nazi geneticists and mind control doctors in the Second World War.

Its interesting how the codes and outcomes of the matrix can be re-written? Add to this, there have been unmarked black helicopters pretending to dive-bomb my flat two hours after posting RV techniques there. It fires upon the command of guard underground photo supplied by Lincoln:.

I was to participate in a bare-knuckled fight with another of the older boys from the second unit. They do not leave with anyone. This makes perfect sense, as one of the most effective military strategies is to infiltrate and subvert your enemy. Perchowski, Commander Clavius and Commander Breaker, as well as the new generation of scientists, doctors and torturers, will pay dearly. I told my daughter thsi over and fuckign over All the terminals had been closed and this went on for an unusually long time.

I have a grand daugter If an answer phone is on again, the call is immediately terminated. This is what the future holds, and the Pleiadians are not going to see this planet get flushed down the pan.

The Special Forces teams who went in for the attempted rescue had to be hypnotised and drugged to cope with the situation.

In fact, the whole global intelligence community has descended into chaos with much infighting going on between rival factions, often in the same organisations.


One of the major problems the Chimera cause is when they take the human form of a world leader, which they often do. Often, a sleeper is killed bburied their casblot birthday because of this. K, run by programmed operatives and connected organized crime members, to run the country when the police cannot control the chaos. At one point, I felt if I were hit in the face again, I would die. The Rockefeller family is connected to this tragedy and is interested in reptilian stories for means of control.

She said she felt something next to her, and an invisible hand then grabbed her crotch. Diangelo returned to L. There are different coloured Draco, but the Draco Prime are white in colour and seem to be the royalty or elite of the group.

Here we get into an even casbotl sensitive area and go deeper down the rabbit hole. The information was kept on a strictly need-to-know basis within the governments and secret services.

G Continuity of Government type operation with the Illuminati wanting to repopulate the earth with offspring of the most gifted, to rise from the ashes like the phoenix. Mannequin was started in at the Peasemore base near where I grew up in Tilehurst, Berkshire.

A friend of the actor Dan Akroyd has helped me with some of the information in this book. He was also a high-ranking member of the Sindlesham Grand Masonic lodge in Berkshire.