Like other Afzelia spp., the wood of Afzelia africana is characterized by an excellent stability with little susceptibility to variations in humidity. Afzelia africana is a medium to large deciduous tree up to 40 m high. It is mostly used for its high-grade timber but has good potential to provide. Benin; Burkina Faso; Cameroon; Central African Republic; Chad; Congo; Congo, The Democratic Republic of the; Côte d’Ivoire; Ghana; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau;.

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Effects of three pre-treatment techniques on dormancy and germination of seeds of Afzelia africana Sm.

Journal of Horticulture and Forestry3 496— Southern Forests79 2— Microsatellite development and flow cytometry in the African tree genus Afzelia Fabaceae, Caesalpinioideae reveal a polyploid complex.

Applications in Plant Sciences3 1 Isolation, characterzation and compaction properties of Afzelia africana gum exudates in hydrochlorothiazide tablet formulations.


African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology3 5— Latitudinal variation in the woody species diversity of afzelia africana sm. Habitats in West Africa.

Tropical Ecology57 4— FTIR studies of thermal stability of the oils and methyl esters from Afzelia africana and Hura crepitans seeds. Renewable Energy96— Antidiabetic and haematological effect of aqueous extract of stem bark of Afzelia africana Smith on streptozotocin-induced diabetic Wistar rats.

Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine1 5— Evaluation of cement-bonded particle board produced from Afzelia africana wood residues. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology7 6— Take the Green Pledge. Afzelia africana medicinal values include: Newer Post Agelaea Obliqua.

Older Post Afrormosia laxiflor.