Salad greens are a staple in daily meals. From sandwiches, as a side, and, often, with a handful of other ingredients as a full meal, salad. Growing your own lettuce indoors with an Aerogarden Purchase a seed kit and follow the instructions to plant it. Add water when the water. : AeroGarden Salad Greens Mix Seed Pod Kit (7-Pod): Vegetable 3) Growing Guide with step-by-step instructions; For use in all AeroGardens.

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Anyway, this post is titled The First Aerogarden Problemso maybe we should begin talking about that. If the seeds do not sprout for whatever reason, be sure to call Aerogarden as soon as you begin to notice the lack of sprouting. Analyzing the pods closer you can see it is some kind of sponge that contains the seeds inside. It really is fun to watch it grow right in front of your eyes.

Our custom kit choice lets you grow all our varieties to see which ones you like best, or create your own custom mixes. So I bought it instead. The Aerogarden 6 feed packs come in 4ml tubes but there are enough to run the full course if you use the Aerogarden 6 packs in the Aerogarden 7. With her interest in gardening I knew it was a shoe in. Within 5 seconds I had reset the entire memory on my Aerogarden so it now believes AG1 is back at its germination stage.

So You Think You Want An Aerogarden? | Let Me Tell You…

That said, what kind of light is best for lettuce? I find it quite therapeutic being out in the sunshine and planting, weeding, feeding and harvesting aerogardeb harvesting. Not to mention, I was always taught that mint was a weed. Now you are caught up with my little back story I hope to be able to share my experiences, triumphs, mistakes, and stories with you on this journey. If you do please tell us how you resolved it in the comments below.



After tilling we thought our soil was great. The best known medium is, of course, dirt. The first thing that I did when I made the decision to buy and Aerogarden was consult with my wife.

Or, try Chinese cabbage in aerogarfen.

Growing Salad Greens in an Indoor Garden

The soil we had in our backyard was very bad for gardening. Do not worry if some of your lettuce plants begin to develop little brown spots on their leaves. In the instructions I had, it explained to press the reset button to reset the water and nutrient timers. I bought the Lettuce Kit for the 6, aeeogarden the Italian Herb kit for the 7. This was before we learned about starting the seeds indoors LOL. As you can see in this video, hydroponics provides about a 3X boost in growth rates compared to growing in soil.

We learned that our soil had way too much clay in it. But it requires a little bit of forethought before permanently mounting it to any walls. When I went to purchase the Aerogarden 6 I found a Pro for a comparable price.

Our first few years in this arena aerogardeen failed miserably. With the Aerogarden Pro the nutrient. If you know the exact terminology for the sponge please feel free to comment below. All the nutrients tend to gather to one side or the other so giving it a solid shaking before use is crucial.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Current AeroGarden pods available include:.

So we decided to educate ourselves. So, not knowing the purpose of those supports I removed them to allow the pods to sit properly. A final advantage to hydroponics is just instrutcions ease of watering.

Please feel free to leave comments below. We threw a couple of handfuls of Walmart bought fertilizer and called it good. Hydroponic media range from clay pebbles to gravel to peat-based sponges to systems that have almost no media, like letfuce hydroponics or the AeroGarden. Our corn barely grew at all. It was my purchase of the Aerogarden that really got me thinking about my approach to traditional gardening which we can cover in a later post. In the first Aerogarden AG1 we planted the lettuce from the space saver 6 due to counting our chickens before they hatched.

Do you have any tips, stories or about your Aerogarden seeds not wanting to sprout? If you like iceberg, or romaine, or maybe a greens mix, you are set. Then I decided to look up the different garden types and decided on getting the 6 and the Pro March 28, Leave a comment.