ÆGISHJALMUR CHAPTER TWO DRAGON RUNES The Language of the Gods All magic. Every magical act is an act of communication. we must have a. – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Booktopia has Aegishjalmur, The Book of Dragon Runes by Michael Kelly. Buy a discounted Paperback of Aegishjalmur online from Australia’s leading online.

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You watch the underside of the long neck passing by until the upper body appears over the cliff bolk. H Hagalaz Hagalaz is an imprint of order; it establishes a pattern and stamps it upon reality.

Aegishjalmur: The Book of Dragon Runes by Michael Kelly

Then take a very fine paintbrush and fill the lines of the runes you have carved with the magically charged vital fluid. You back away from the course of the poisonous vapour and allow yourself to return to ordinary, everyday awareness.

As asgishjalmur sun rises over the horizon, become aware that the sun of ancestral lore is rising in your own soul. But this Remanifestation has its destructive side. The Working is a visual meditation. Although we are currently focused upon Midgard, it is important to understand its place in the larger framework.

Asma rated it it was amazing Jul 24, Helvegr Suttungr rated it it was ok Aegishjalmut 05, It will be observed that the pole itself neither moves nor transforms: Need is fueled by Desire. The function of this great sea dragon is to establish the boundary of the world and to mark its limits.


Its sound value suggests words such as ‘kenning’, ‘cunning’ and ‘craft’. Most of these allusions and developments will be pointed out, but the Initiate is well advised to read the source o several times in order to draw their atmosphere and mythic pattern within. This story is recounted in the Fafnismal and in the Saga of the Volsungs.

Its purpose is to awaken the Draconian current of the North within you and prepare you for the curriculum of Work in this book.

Now shift to the hagalaz posture, crystallising this ancestral bond within your psychic framework. The sequence of transformations in this tale forms the central Initiatory process of this book and is the focus of chapter six.

The further one progresses into Niflheim, the more cold, compacted and massive it becomes. But the world afterwards will be new and fresh, ripe for rebuilding, imprinted with a new pattern.

Aegishjalmur: The Book of Dragon Runes

Every magical act is an act of communication. It is question and answer, proposal and response, comment and reply; it is dialogue. We must now take some time to examine these Deities as They manifest to us in the Northern tradition. There would be definite benefits in doing this, but I won’t hold anyone to this procedure as it requires rhnes lot of time and patience and a very skilled touch.

In the Norse myths, these beings – descendents of Ymir – are often portrayed as enemies of the JEsir, and of Thor in particular. The Younger Futhark, as it is known, has proven itself to be extremely effective in Workings rknes operative sorcery.

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These are the usual boik of the ansuz rune. It is not simply the automated systems that govern the vital processes, it is also something beyond the purely physical, a kind of life force which vibrates within the individual.

Lori Kilchesty rated it it was amazing May 27, Loki is a manifestation of Odin’s Understanding of the necessity for change and transformation. This posture emulates the shape of the rune with the two arms representing the two vertical shafts and the left hand raised to right shoulder providing the diagonal crossbar.

It signifies all of those treasures that we have gathered to ourselves because they tell part of our story, because we have chosen them to mirror and represent some fact of our Selves.

In the near yhe, you can see a deep hollow, a cave entrance yawning in its depths. It is a demanding course, but the rewards are immeasurable. Freyja’s name is actually a title rather than a personal name; it means ‘Lady’, as that of Her twin brother Frey means ‘Lord’.