ADTRAN Total Access is a fixed-port Integrated Access Device (IAD) providing a single ADSL2+, , T1 ATM and T1 DTM network interface. For an excellent-performance WAN access routing, get the Adtran , a 1-port router that is specially designed to support either TDM or ATM. For LAN and. Buy Adtran Total Access ADSL2+ Integrated Services Router. TA ADSL 4TH GEN MUX-CP. 4 x FXS, 1 x, 1 x ADSL WAN, 1 x 10/Base-TX LAN, 1 x.

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Check with local codes for special disposal instructions. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Adtran 4213640L1TDM Total Access 604

For voice connections FXS or FXOthe valid port range is limited by the number of installed voice ports on your system. All other pins are unused. The utilities make it easier to interface with the terminal menu and transfer configuration files to and from TFTP servers. Figure 2 shows the Total Access front panel as a representative of both models.

Adtran L1#TDM – VoIP Supply

Also, when specifying the filename, ensure that the file transferred is adtram one provided by ADTRAN, otherwise, the update will not complete successfully. The Ethernet port will always appear in the regardless of the L2 protocol mode setting.

Page ETUP def. The lower the log level, the more messages that will be generated. ELLS appropriately for your network. Page Syslog features.

Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. Using local or remote inband management, the service provider can turn features, functions, and access ports on and off.

When using ATM mode, there is. Proceed to the steps given in Supplying Power to atran Unit on page aadtran This allows service providers to offer traditional telephony services, while taking advantage of a lower cost IP network architecture. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. If necessary, refer to the terminal emulation software documentation for help.


Verify the TFTP server is running on the network. In applications involving IP network architectures, a Total Access IAD at the customer premises consolidates voice packet, analog, and digital and data traffic, and sdtran IP voice signaling over any Layer 2 protocol.

Wall and desktop mounting options are available for ease of installation.

Displays the current signal to noise ratio on the ADSL link in decibels. If set to be translated through NAT. Table 2 on page 52 provides port provides full access to all menus. This field is only Start and stop the fail-safe time for the auto-config feature. A “0” bit means “don’t of Page 26 – Table adtrxn. Page Max number of hops default 30 Timeout in seconds default 3 Number of retries per hop default 3 Source address or interface name to use Do not NAT the trace packets exit! Section 4 User Interface Guide System Description QoS Support: Page The unit will only allow PAP to be aftran.

Advance notification and the opportunity to maintain uninterrupted service are given. File Sends screen adttran data to a file in the format options listed below: With millions of small- to aadtran enterprises existing today, the requirement for carriers to provide cost-effective integrated voice and data solutions is growing at a rapid rate. Note that this counter would include datagrams counted in met this discretionary discard criterion.


Layer 2 setup using the LB Figure 7. The netmask of If set to the data packet and replace the private address with the NAPT address. For a campus environment in a private T1 application, the Total Access Series receiver sensitivity of dB allows for a maximum distance of up to 5, feet between units.

Revision History Cautions signify information that could prevent service interruption. AC power is operational, but the battery is not functional. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. To retrieve a configuration file from a particular folder, enter the entire filename including path.

T1 is in red alarm or T1 sync loss has occurred. Customer Service, Product Support Information, and Training ADTRAN will replace or repair this product within the warranty period if it does not meet its published specifications or fails while in service.

Page Have read access to all menu items and write access to only the router menu. Pageand This is the map that 1 to view the Show all Total access r total access View the UDP table statistics from this menu.

Clears all recorded statistics and returns all actran to 0. Page 85 2-wire interface. Max number of hops default 30 Timeout in seconds default 3 Number of retries per hop default 3 Source address or interface name to use Do not NAT the trace packets exit! Section 4 User Interface Guide.