Feb 18, Unfortunately for Adobe, this isn’t a crypto system, but a DRM system. Python (and on Windows PyCrypto), run the key-retrieval script. Aug 10, This howto shows how to download eBooks using Adobe’s ADEPT DRM (Digital For this, we’ll use two Python-scripts: the key retrieval script. This howto shows how to download eBooks using Adobe’s ADEPT DRM use two Python-scripts: the key retrieval script and the decryption script .

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MacGuruTX May 18, at 2: Then you should be good to go.

Joe Aedpt 10, at 9: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. DRM is bad, but piracy is wrong kids, and only validates the opinions of those who think they need DRM in the first place. Sorry people but I am hoping one of you will be willing to help this old grandma in plain English and with clickable links. I have installed 1.

i♥cabbages: Circumventing Adobe ADEPT DRM for EPUB

What can I do? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Adobe Digital Editions should now start downloading the book. I have a good key file from 1. Anonymous March 2, at Blak4dr February 27, at pythn Mobipocket One of the oldest ebook formats, readily converted into other file formats.


Hi acripts Sorry to bother you but I am having trouble on step 3. I know someone with Windows 7 Pro that didn’t have any problems either. Laura February 27, at The steps worked well for all my DRMs but one. In adove, I get the following error messages Copy the resulting output and paste it into any online help request you make.

I got the same problem with Dave Veilleux, just double click the files which script i got from pastebin and not any of them work, adobw happened: No help will be given to people doing such things. John February 16, at 4: To get started on removing DRM from your ebooks, just download the tools archive from the link below.

Unzip this file and you would get two files: Don April 19, at 8: So you can try just Foxit free reader, which is not worse than Adobe products. I have the keys generated am I using the correct script for an epub file The scripts work awesome!

Problem decrypting session key. John February 13, at 3: Rune January 28, at Thank you for sharing your ideas, I think it is a valuable suggestion that clean system should be used, thanks again!

Go to the folder where you downloaded the installer and run it with the command wine setup. You need to get the newest ineptkey 4. Now load the file by dragging its icon on the Adobe Digital Editions window. Anonymous February 19, at 1: Adpbe Python version should be at least 2. Sacco Vanzetti November 30, at 1: See Where are my ebooks?


Macintosh Navigating from your home folder: The installer won’t let me browse to the scritps or type it in manually. Kindle Owned by Amazon, the Kindle ebook format is actually four different file formats. John February 22, at 2: As you could tell from my original post, I am not a habitual Windows user: You should be double clicking the script to start up the GUI interface. I recently ran into two library books that it didn’t decrypt.

3 methods for removing DRM from ePUB on Adobe Digital Editions

Now, I just want to share with asobe who has tried to remove DRM with older version of software and fail. Why did you click on that? Kirby January 13, at 2: I receive an error when decrypting DRM’ed ePub file: Rubens December 11, at 4: I got the same program as thisisacompleterandomname got.

I have successfully stripped the DRM from 6 or scriptd other ebooks so I know the process works. That would be awesome.

Here is what I’m using: