Adductor tendinopathy symptoms include groin pain and stiffness at the beginning of an activity or in the morning, Dr Peters provides this treatment in Claremont. Adductor tendinopathy describes a number of conditions that develop in and around the tendon in response to chronic overuse [1] At a histopathological level . Adductor Tendinopathy. It is estimated that between 10 and 18% of all injuries worldwide among male soccer players yearly involve groin pain (Engebretsen et .

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Imaging review of groin pain in elite athletes: Lift top heel upwards.

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Adductor Muscle Rehabilitation

McCrory P, Bell S. There are 2 parts to the muscle, the adductor part and the hamstring part. You will be advised to avoid activities that aggravate the symptoms and walking aids may be recommended to take pressure off the area while healing. The hamstring part extends from the ischial tuberosity to the adductor tubercle and the medial supracondyle line.

Standing adduction with leg pulley. Some classify groin pain as adductor tendinopathy when isometric adduction is painful, pain caused by isometric contraction of hip muscles is not necessarily caused by an injury of adductor muscles or tendons.

Recovery is highly variable across individuals as the condition may be degenerative or a failed healing from loading.

Adductor tendinopathy

Epidemiology and traumatology of injuries in soccer. For this purpose pharmacological, instrumental, physical and manual therapy is recommended for muscular relaxation Lateral examination of spinal curvatures, the rotation of the pelvis and the posture of hips and knees should be done.

Other diagnosis’ can rendinopathy sports or inguinal tendinopatbyiliopsoaas bursitisstress fracture, avulsion fracture, nerve compressionsnapping hip syndrome or chronic prostatitis. Intratendinous degeneration commonly caused by ageing, microtrauma and vascular compromise.


Also seen is high signal within the adductor longus tendon at its attachment to the body of the pubis suggestive of adductor tendinopathy. Am J Adductir Med Rehabil. J Bone Joint Surg Am. Understanding the stage of the tendinopathy is key to effective treatment and the long term management of symptoms. Support Center Support Center.

Imaging review of groin pain in elite athletes: Efficacy of dextrose prolotherapy in elite male kicking-sport athletes with chronic groin pain. Adductor groin pain in competitive athletes. Stage 2 can be difficult to distinguish clinically and some reversal may be possible, but load management for the long term health of the tendon is adeuctor to stimulate the load structure.

Five minutes balance work on the Fitter machine. Lumbar plexus nerve entrapment syndromes as a cause of groin pain in athletes.

Adductor Tendinopathy Treatment Perth | Adductor Tendinopathy Symptoms Northam

Open in a separate window. A 21 year old male previously competitive hockey player with persistent groin pain was referred adducctor an MRI at our hospital. However, tendinopathy injuries do not occur due to a single bout of trauma. The main clinical symptom of insertional tendinopathy of the adductors and rectus abdominis is groin or lower abdomen pain, with irradiation to the medial aspect of the thigh, abdomen, and in some cases, to the perianal area.

Rehabilitation phases can be divided in acute, sub-acute and return to sport 36 The adductor muscles act as antagonists, and exert opposing traction and rotation on pubic symphysis. Physiopedia is not a substitute for professional advice or expert medical services from a qualified healthcare provider. However, these injuries are thought to develop secondary to mechanical stress tendibopathy through the anterior pelvis.

Active treatment is then indicated to maximise rehabilitation. A clinical diagnosis of an adductor tendinopathy from repeated microtrauma and tensinopathy was suspected and MR imaging was taken to confirm the diagnosis. Paratenonitis associated with intratendinous degeneration. Symptomatic degeneration of the tendon with vascular gendinopathy and inflammatory repair response. Clin Orthop Relat Res.


An adductor tendinopathy can be managed very effectively by adhering to the following advice and exercise routine. An inguinal hernia could be easily diagnosed by accurate physical examination, and confirmed with ultrasonography or a herniography adductkr Groin injuries in athletes. Its actions are adduction, aiding in flexion of the thigh adductor part and in extension of the thigh hamstring part. For example, patients with pelvic girdle pain feel groin pain during isometric hip adduction. An inflammation or disease of an enthesis the point at which a tendon joins to a bone.

Surgery for posterior inguinal wall deficiency in athletes. Initially the patient is examined in an orthostatic position.

Introduction Groin pain is a common problem found in many athletes. It may be worsened by physical activity and it usually limits sport performance.

Core stability exercises on and off a swiss ball. The return-to-sport phase of rehabilitation consists of aerobic running with increasing speed.

Adductor Tendinopathy Treatment & Physiotherapy Melbourne

There are several differential diagnoses for athletes that present with groin pain. The groin pain can result from irritation to the bursa between the iliotibial tract and the greater trochanter, subgluteus minimus, medius and maximus bursae along with the sub-iliopsoas bursa.

Cook suggests however that tendons can have a latent response of around 24hours. MRI is also the imaging of choice for myotendinous strains.