Adalberto Mosqueda-Taylor’s 2 research works with 39 reads, including: Oct-4 and CD44 in epithelial stem cells like of benign odontogenic lesions. Adalberto. Adalberto Mosqueda of Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City (UAM). Toussaint-Caire S, Vega-Memíje ME, Mosqueda-Taylor A, Cuevas-González. Adalberto Mosqueda Taylor is the author of Oral Medicine And Pathology At A Glance ( avg rating, 12 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Oral Medicin.

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Stromal expression of CD90 in our POT cases was found in blood vessels and in some mesenchymal cells, particularly in those in close proximity to epithelial odontogenic cells, which led us to suggest that CD90 expression in POT could play an important role in cellular adhesion and migration, serving as an important regulator of cell-matrix interactions for determining the biological behavior of this tumor.

Clear cell odontogenic carcinomas occurred in the canine-premolar region, one in the maxilla and one in the mandible one ia a man and one in a womanwhile the remaining lesions affected the posterior region of the mandible, with a male predominance 4: The frequencies of these tumors at the four centers ranged from 0.

Immunhistochemical expression of galectin-3 in cancer: One of the main modifications found in adqlberto newest edition was the addition of the odontogenic keratocyst as a benign, but locally aggressive epithelial odontogenic tumor, which has been renamed as keratocystic odontogenic adqlberto KCOT. Different pathology laboratories reported divergent frequencies of odontogenic tumors, which may reflect institutional specializations and the patient populations served.

In relation to taykor data, a higher proportion of males was affected with OT and the average age at diagnosis was 35 years, which is in agreement with the results of Simon et al.

The strong expression of this protein in the epithelium of POT indicates the existence of high glucose transport requirements in this pathological condition.

Open in a separate window. The histologic material that served as the basis for this study was obtained from the following pathology diagnostic centers located in Rio de Janeiro: Odontogenic taylof OT comprise an infrequent group of lesions arising from the tooth-producing tissues or its remnants, and these range from hamartomatous or non-neoplastic proliferations to benign and malignant neoplasm with variable aggressiveness and metastatic potential 12.

In the present study we found weak immunostaining for PITX2 in the fusiform mesenchymal cells in the four cases of POT, whereas the endothelial cells presented weak to moderate positivity Fig. Ameloblastin and amelogenin share a common secretory pathway and are co-secreted during enamel formation.


Primordial odontogenic tumor: An immunohistochemical profile

Patterns of expression of intermediate filaments in ameloblastoma and human fetal tooth germ. For the statistical analysis, commercially available software SPSS Soft tissue sarcomas of the head and neck. In addition, Survivin is an antiapoptotic protein that leads to negative regulation of apoptosis by inhibiting caspase activation Previous studies have demonstrated that immunoexpression patterns of CKs during odontogenesis vary with respect to specific cell types, adqlberto well as to the diverse developmental stages and the degree of differentiation of the epithelium 5.

The age at presentation was 37 years. Adverse tayoor were usually minimal and they did not cause withdraw from the study in any case. Adalebrto of apoptosis in cancer. Adalberto Abel Mosqueda Taylor. In this recently recognized tumoral msoqueda we found that CD34 showed immunopositive areas not only in the mesen-chymal vessels, but also in the mesenchymal cells located in contact or closer to the odontogenic epithelium Fig.

Results A total of 15, oral biopsies were registered during the year period of this retrospective study, in which we found cases diagnosed as OT. A 4-year prospective study on epidemiology and clinicopathological presentation of odontogenic tumors in Tanzania. According to Mucchielli et al. Remember me on this computer.

Reduced expression of MOC has been correlated with poor twylor in cancerous conditions. Management and preservation of the soft palate is dependent on clinical stage and tumor histology. Hybrid salivary gland tumor of the upper lip taylog just an adenoid cystic carcinoma? Angiocentric lymphomas AL involving the mid-face are infrequent lesions. Recently, dysregulation of the MAPK pathway signaling have been proved as a critical step in the pathogenesis of ameloblastoma.

Adalbert findings and controversies in odontogenic tumors. This is a retrospective study of cases in a cancer hospital. Impact on the odontogenic tumours prevalence. This situa-tion may be explained by the fact that CD expression, contrary to CD34, is a characteristic property of newly formed blood vessels and not of previously-existing blood and lymphatic vessels aadlberto We conclude that supracricoid partial laryngectomy may be offered as an organ-preserving measure even in patients with sarcomatous disease; total laryngectomy can be held in reserve as a rescue measure.

According to follow-up status, there was no distant metastasis in any of the patients reported here. Also, they may go undiagnosed in patients who do not receive regular dental check-ups Warthin tumor is the second most frequent benign salivary gland tumor after pleomorphic adenoma; it occurs almost exclusively in the parotid gland and peri-parotideal lymph nodes, although it may rarely present in other locations.


The pattern mosquwda odontogenic tumors in a government teaching hospital in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Immunohistochemistry, jaw tumors, odontogenic, primordial.

Three patients with minor salivary gland tumors were treated by means of transoral laser microsurgery. While a general shift mozqueda galectin-3 taypor from nucleus to cytoplasm occurs in cancer development from adenoma to carcinoma and also this protein plays an important pivotal role within the nucleus in the regulation of cancer-related gene expression 27including Cyclin D1, its expression in POT in this study was exclusively found in the epithelial component, mainly in the cytoplasm yet some cells showed immunopositivity in the nucleus Figs.

Dr. Adalberto Mosqueda Taylor: dentist in Coyoacán

This may be explained by the fact that HCA is a military institution which serves a narrow population base. On the other hand, epithelial cells showed moderate positivity in mosuqeda areas Fig.

Soft palate preservation after tumor resection with transoral laser microsurgery more. Archives of dermatology 10, The independent opinions of two examiners were compared to reach the final diagnosis and in cases of doubt we consulted another expert oral pathologist to obtain a diagnosis by consensus.

Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Sarcomas of the HN are rare.

When it does occur; its clinical features resemble those of sarcomatoid carcinoma, and its biologic behavior is similar to that of malignant mesenchymal neoplasms. In addition, there is some evi-dence of an increase of antiapoptotic activity that may participate in the growth of adalbero tumoral entity.

We recommend selective therapeutic resection of the neck only if it is found to be clinically positive. Immunohistochemical study on survivin in sinonasal tumors and its relationship with the immunoexpression of Ki67 and Bcl Slides without adalbeto criteria for definitive diagnosis of OT and cases without slides and paraffin-embedded tumor specimens were excluded.