Have a look at , for ActivePerl documentation. As an alternative to ActivePerl, there is Strawberry Perl. This section describes what is ActivePerl – a free Perl engine for Windows, Perl Tutorials – Herong’s Tutorial Examples – Version , by Dr. Herong Yang. Easily learn how to install Perl and run your first script. If you are on Windows, you may see a choice of ActivePerl and Strawberry Perl.

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Nikhil Jain 7, 2 20 At the top of this hierarchy we have a widget called. We could alternatively have modified the window attributes with:.

We outlined earlier that file manipulation and grep style functions are the bread and butter of PERL. The -underline options are provided to make it possible to select menu entries with the keyboard. In line 15 we destroy the window after a delay of ms, which should be enough time to read the new “Goodbye, cruel world” text.

For those tutoiral us running a version of Windows however, we must download and install some sort of program that allows us to access PERL scripts from DOS. PERL can do exactly that imagine that and these next few pages of tutorial will walk you through the process step by step.

More information can be found in the Windows Script Host tutorial. The menu names “apple” and “help” provided in line 46 and 65 has special significance to Tk.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. For trivial programs like the one above, using Tkx:: By loading the Tkx module, we make the Tkx:: I’m using LaTex and the bibliography uses perl, but default one is extremly slow.


Active Scripting hosts include:. Tutirial example, if you want to change the text of the button created above you might in Tcl do:. Testing Script Just to be sure everything is running correctly.

Tkx::Tutorial – How to use Tkx

In line 11 to 16 we have expanded the button callback to change the text of button and wait 1. In line 17, we ask Tk to start processing events by invoking Tkx:: The Tkx distribution contains a script called menu which is a runnable version of the program shown here. Tkx is a Perl module that makes the Tk toolkit available to Perl programs. How can I run tutoriaal Perl program? How can I run a Perl script with ActivePerl?

Tuorial Tk toolkit is native to the Tcl programming language, but its ease of use and cross-platform availability has made it the GUI toolkit of choice for many other dynamic languages.

How can I run a Perl script with ActivePerl? – Stack Overflow

The package documented as “BWidgets” should be loaded as “BWidget” without the “s” and the package documented as “IWidgets” should be loaded as “Iwidgets” with a lower case “w”.

When that happens, we exit at line To test activepefl installation, make sure the program has fully completed installation and then run through the following:.

Enter Command or cmd into the display box. Packages are loaded activeerl calling the Tkx:: You might want to use this as a starting point for your own Tkx applications. This documents core Tk and useful add-on packages that are part of ActiveTcl.


PERL comes pre-installed on many operating systems, like Linux for example. This is normally done from the command line:.

– A tutorial about Perl and ActivePerl. Installing mod_perl. Includes examples.

One source of confusion here is the proper spelling of the package name to provide to Tkx:: As you can see the code is mostly identical, but with a slightly different syntax. Enabling PerlScript any other zones is not recommended.

Next we will be taking a look at how to manipulate user input via the command prompt. PERL is capable of quickly taking input from a user then manipulating it in some fashion and spitting out some sort of result. ActivePerl and PerlScript are required on the webserver that is providing the webpages, but are not required on the client. In this case the callback destroys the window, which in turn terminates the application.

John 11 24 The rest of the method name is the name of the Tk widget to create; i. Have a look at http: This code should be easy enough to follow.