Consult Arthrex’s ACL TightRope® RT – LS brochure on MedicalExpo. Page : 1/2. The ACL TightRope RT (Arthrex, Naples, FL) is a recently introduced fixation device. The adjustable graft loop allows the surgeon some freedom in terms of the. The TightRope RT (Arthrex, Naples, FL) is a suspensory device for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. However, there is a potential risk of the button being.

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Published online May Scope This Out Spring – Vol. Received Jan 27; Accepted Mar The push of the button with the guide pin past the guide pin hole helps in not only delivering the button out of the pin hole but also flipping it on the cortex.

The right knee is being operated on.

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For example, in our experience, sometimes the button of the TightRope RT may not flip, may become jammed inside the femoral canal, or may flip in the substance of the vastus lateralis. Kyle Anderson, MD Share. Articles from Arthroscopy Techniques are provided here courtesy of Elsevier.

Educational Resources Products Related Science. Hide Details Hide Thumbnails. A guide pin is introduced through the anteromedial portal parallel to the socket and pin hole. By introducing the 2 small modifications described in this report during the insertion of the TightRope RT with graft in our practice, we have ensured proper seating of the button on the femoral cortex.


We visualize the TightRope RT button in the femoral socket and guide pin hole with the arthroscope during its passage. A review of current concepts Anatomic landmarks utilized for physeal-sparing, anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: The passing sutures are then pulled from the lateral side, with the TightRope RT button being pulled into the femoral socket under direct arthroscopic vision Fig 1Video 1.

Dropping of an EndoButton into the knee joint 2 years after anterior cruciate ligament repair using proximal fixation methods. Open in a separate window.

Second-generation, no-incision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. However, in our patients, we have experienced some of the complications with the TightRope RT that have earlier been described in the literature for the EndoButton, such as jamming in the femoral tunnel and soft-tissue interposition.

Iliotibial Band Tenodesis File Type: Using a single hamstring tendon looped between tigthrope ACL TightRope implants allows arthrxe simplified graft passing and tensioning aarthrex the femoral and tibial side in any degree of flexion. The proprietary four point locking system allows one way shortening of the tughtrope to maximize graft to socket contact and allows graft re-tensioning. All-inside anterior cruciate ligament graft-link technique: Learning from our experience, we have introduced two additional steps in our procedure to ensure proper seating of the button on the femoral cortex.

Under arthroscopic vision, a 2. Support Center Support Center. This innovation eliminates the need to retrieve shortening strands from the joint and allows the surgeon to pull in-line with graft advancement. The sockets are made and graft is prepared and looped with the Tight Rope RT as described in the literature.


Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in the young athlete: Shareable link copy and paste to share: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Another mark is made on the graft, with measurement from its femoral end, equal to the length of the femoral socket.

Transepiphyseal replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament in skeletally immature patients.

Arthrex – ACL TightRope® RT Graft Fixation Implant

The guide pin hole is seen in the center of the socket. Go back to search. What is your comment most related to? You have 0 items in your cart. The loop of the TightRope RT is lying in the femoral socket. Thank you for your patience. The cal socket is visualized end-on, and the TightRope RT button is passed through it.

The guide pin is then withdrawn, the graft is pulled from the tibial end, and the button becomes seated at the femoral cortex. The ACL TightRope RT allows surgeons to advance the graft by pulling the tensioning strands in the same direction of graft advancement.

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