Travel Med Infect Dis. Sep;7(5) doi: / Epub Jul 1. Acinetobacter lwoffii: bacteremia associated with acute. Acinetobacter lwoffii, a nonfermentative gram-negative aerobic bacillus, Herein , we present a peritonitis caused by A. lwoffii in a diabetic. Multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter lwoffii infection in neonatal intensive care units Narongsak Nakwan1,2, Jeerawan Wannaro2, Narongwit.

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The in vitro evaluation of zcinetobacter tested against pathogens isolated in eight countries in the Asia-Western Pacific region Herein, the authors present a case report of peritonitis related to automated peritoneal dialysis caused by A.

Table of Contents Alerts. BMC Infect Dis ; In addition to in-vitro studies, combination of carbapenems, sulbactam, tigecycline, or polymixins has been shown to have good clinical response, as previous sections described. In reviewing literature, Acinetobacter peritonitis was usually treated with early and appropriate antibiotic therapy instead of catheter removal [ 29 ].

Microb Drug Resist ; So, full laboratory susceptibility testing is required in order to identify the optimal drug or combination of drugs. Therefore, combination therapy with polymyxins and other antibiotics has been recommended.

Case Reports in Nephrology

If you agree to our use of cookies and avinetobacter contents of our Privacy Policy please click ‘accept’. Community-acquired meningitis occurs in patients with underlying factors such as alcoholism and diminished immune defenses Clinical features, epidemiology, and predictors of mortality.


Of the four cases, three presented with late-onset infection after 72 hours of agewhile 1 presented with early-onset within the first 72 hours of age. Blood cultures with A.

Horizontal transfer of the OXA carbapenemase gene via outer membrane vesicles: It has been reported that A. Bad Bugs Need Old Drugs: Predictors of acute kidney injury associated with intravenous colistin treatment.

Clin Microbiol Infect ; Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther ; This study afinetobacter awareness of A. For the treatment of isolates non-susceptible to all conventional antibiotics, the following agents, either alone or in combination, have been used with some success.

Acinetobacter lwoffii: bacteremia associated with acute gastroenteritis.

To receive news and publication updates for Case Reports in Nephrology, enter your email address in the box below. Failure to monitor the renal function, lack of comparative antibiotics, and different criteria for renal injury make results of these studies difficult to assess.

Its potential use in treating infections in critically ill patients. Nosocomial Infections Surveillance System. Non-commercial uses of the work are permitted without any further permission from Dove Medical Press Limited, provided the work is properly attributed.


Some strains produce acid from D-glucose, D-ribose, D-xylose, and L-arabinose utilized oxidatively as carbon sources. Overview of nosocomial infections caused by gram-negative bacilli.

Acinetobacter species – Infectious Disease and Antimicrobial Agents

Acinetobacter in military personnel. Ortiz and David Graham: The clinical benefits of aerosolized antibiotics mentioned in the previous section are under debated J Infect Dis ; Please check for further notifications by email. Kaohsiung J Med Sci ; He was given antibiotic treatment for 15 days to cure the peritonitis and discharged without any problems.

Falagas ME, Kopterides, P. They are generally more susceptible to antimicrobials and are usually considered to be of minor virulence. Nosocomial bloodstream infections in US hospitals: Removal of infected lwodfii or other CNS devices improved patient outcomes.

Neurosurgery ; 60, ; discussion Sequencing of the rpoB gene and flanking spacers for molecular identification of Acinetobacter species. According to our best knowledge, there is no clue for the optimal treatment period for A.

A review of intravenous minocycline for treatment of multidrug-resistant acinetobacter infections.