For its hefty $ price tag, Aces & Eights is a solid deal. The book is very Unlike many other RPGs, Aces & Eights has no class system. A website celebrating Kenzer & Company’s Magnificent Wild West Roleplaying Game – Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier!. (note: this is a review of the original Aces & Eights RPG, not the new edition) Aces & Eights is a spectacular game. I have to admit I had serious.

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Created by Craig Griswold. Character creation, for one. Let me say this right eightts This table includes some changes Kevin made in his personal game. In the first appendix p.

Chicago, IL Tabletop Games. The combat system works on “counts”; when combat starts you begin “counting” each tenth-of-a-second.

Aces & Eights Roleplaying Game

Qces ever prolific Kevin Ennis has made a single consolidated wound table. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. Mexico still owns much of the modern day Southwestern United Statesbut does not have the manpower or money to govern it properly.

In the advanced combat rules, there are some warhammer-esque tables organized by rog, indicating other gruesome consequences beyond mere hit point damage that can happen when you get shot. The game has a considerable amount of GM advice and information for playing a wider campaign; and it also has a considerable section on setting.


Aces & Eights: Reloaded RPG

Anyways, the problem in this section isn’t that the alt-history is implausible. Of course, its also a gimmick that makes the game difficult to pirate; if you don’t acee a shot-clock you basically can’t play the game.

Again, theres nothing necessary about this section, you can use it if you think its going to be important to your game, but if you don’t want the added complexity, just leave it out.

And if the firearm in question is a shotgun, you can use the Shotgun Shot Clock scatter pattern to track all 12 pellets from the scattergun…all at once. A collection of Western weapons with manufacturing dates and vital statistics. Fame affects you socially in a variety of ways. This means a shot might only be a flesh wound, or it could kill you in one good shot.

Shattered Frontier game physical copy Less. Deal me in, Mr.

Further, you and your gaming group up to 6 people total are invited for an evening ahd faro, rustlin’ and gunfightin’ at Jolly Blackburn’s famous gamesloft. Yes, its alt-history, but its not nearly as annoying as others I’ve seen, because the authors have gone out of their way to make it plausible. On that last note I should mention that price lists are very complete, and yet there is one major failing in this section of the game: This last touch was sheer brilliance on their part, to go that route with the illustrations instead of using modern artists with comic-book or anime styles.


You get a physical copy of Showdown miniature skirmish game, a PDF copy of the game, one Shot Clock and Silhouette, perfect for running western gunfights.

Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier

Navigation Welcome to my homestead pardner. Pretty much every sub-system was cool; but cooler still is the fact that none of them are necessary; you could do any of the above things using the standard rules with no problems; but the sub-systems just make things more interesting.

Xnd new and improved defender of RPGs! After all, that’s what most everyone is going to want to do in a wild west game, a shootout.

So a character could be a farmer to start out with, become a lawman, try his hand at being a gambler, later start up a mine, and later on run a saloon, going back to “lawman” from time to time. Use these for shot determination with the various Shot Clocks and other uses in-game or for gambling of eigjts types.

This affects everything from your speed, to your ability to hit, to your resistance to panicking if shot at or hit. Kenzer, Jennifer; Shideler, Bev. It had an alternate history, which is usually the kiss of death.