The first in the Honor series, Above All, Honor introduces single-minded Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts and the woman she is sworn to protect—Blair. by Radclyffe. Above All Honor by Radclyffe . All college educated, as were almost all agents except the rare few who came through military channels or some. Read “Above All Honor” by Radclyffe with Rakuten Kobo. The first in the Honor series Above All Honor introduces single-minded Secret Service Agent Cameron .

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She looked towards Blair’s face in the shadows.

Smashwords – Above All, Honor – a book by Radclyffe

The President was vulnerable through his family. There could be almost anything hidden almost anywhere. Blair turned her face radclfyfe as the woman persisted in kissing her neck, one hand now inside Blair’s shirt, fondling her breast. That made tactical sense, and at least for the moment she had plenty of manpower to stay within the margin of safety.

First Daughter Blair Powell aboce her lover Cameron Roberts, newly appointed deputy director of the Homeland Security Office, escape to a ski chalet in the Rockies after a harrowing attack by members of a domestic terrorism organization. Cam found her every bit as attractive in this guise as she had been the previous night.

The rest of the series will follow shortly. She leaned down to pull two cups from the shelves under the island, quite aware that the movement afforded a clear view into her dressing gown.


Blair leaned against the rear wall watching her with an amused expression on her face. There was also a hoor of, I want her but I can’t tell her because she doesn’t want me or because I’ll get hurt and that got old eventually.

Blair turned to face her, her body rigid with fury. Blair winced as Paula Stark led yet another 10 in a suit where honr aces hadn’t yet been played.

She was trained to immobilize and neutralize, and those techniques were not designed for sparring. Blair stared at raclyffe, anger seething in her blue eyes. She did not look back at the woman sagging against the counter, gasping for breath.

Above All, Honor (Honor, #1) by Radclyffe

Cam stood at the end of the table, breathing heavily, trying to contain her anger. She has decided to make this a game. You do have to get over the degree MC development from “duty driven” to “committing major professional indecencies” but I’m assuming if you’re reading this book you’re willing to suspend disbelief on that.

The folder on his desk held her service record.

Readers of This Book Also Read. For some strange reason that afternoon, she was acutely aware of Cameron Roberts standing just behind her out of the line of sight of the camera. ravclyffe

For the moment at least, that seemed unlikely. Her hair was short, and rradclyffe styled in a roguishly faux-masculine cut. Subject schedule fluid, frequently unverifiable.


Above All Honor

Now she’s coming off of her injury but the higher-ups have decided to move her to the protective unit and assign her the job that no one wants; protecting the pre Pleasantly Surprised After bombing out with the last two books I bought from this publisher I didn’t have high hopes for this read.

Honor Series Book Cameron sat across from her in silence. Cam pushed her way into the shadowy depths of the long room, hoping that each blonde she saw would be Blair. Mac was surprised to see Cameron walk in at seven a.

Usually they tried to bully her with threats of unfavorable reports to her father, as if she were an unruly child in school. Slow practiced caresses of a velvet smooth tongue swept the images from her consciousness, eclipsing thought with near painful pleasure. xll

Above All, Honor

Jan 05, Zoe rated it liked it Shelves: She crossed the width of the room quickly, reaching into her jacket to release the snap on rzdclyffe shoulder holster. The political pressure to hide her sexuality must make it even worse. Cam glanced at her stiff back as Blair crossed the room and slammed the bedroom door behind her.