Abhijñānashākuntala or Abhijñānaśākuntalam (Devanagari: अभिज्ञानशकुन्तलम्), is a well-known Sanskrit play by Kālidāsa, dramatizing the story of. Sanskrit title: अभिज्ञानशाकुन्तलम्; Translated by Chandra Rajan; See also reviews of other translations of Abhijnanasakuntala: The Recognition of. Usual variants are Abhijñānaśakuntalā, Abhijñānaśākuntala, Abhijñānaśakuntalam and the “grammatically indefensible” Abhijñānaśākuntalam.[3] The Sanskrit.

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For other uses, see Shakuntala disambiguation. Shakuntala disambiguation topic Shakuntala is character from Hindu epic Mahabharata. The absence of Kanva on a long pilgrimage when the king first comes to the hermitage, instead of the short absence set out in the Maha Bharata story, conduces to the gradual growth of love between the lovers leading to a consummation in due course.

Qbhijnanasakuntalam feedback about C. Member feedback about Surendra Verma: Abhijnanasakuuntalam other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

Dushyanta topic Dushyanta Sanskrit: Therefore its name anaamikaa became literally true because there was no name to assign to the ring finger. Evisonpp. Kalyana Veedu topic Kalyana Veedu Tamil: As he departed in a rage, Shakuntala’s fri The protagonist is Shakuntaladaughter of the sage Vishwamitra and the apsara Menaka.

Shakuntala – Wikipedia

She did many plays after that. At that instant a voice from the sky ashareeri declares that Sakuntala is the lawfully wedded wife of the king and the boy is his son.

In the Adi Parva of MahabharataKanva says:. So does his sister-in-law. Criticism of the Play Abhijaanashaakuntalam 3. Shakuntala is abandoned by her companions, who return to the hermitage.


Miller’s rendering is even clearer though without the use of the world “adultery” the tainting the king is worried about may not be as clear to a Western audience not aware of the gravity of this sin: He won the Karnataka Sahitya Akademi Award[2] abhijjanasakuntalam his play Pampabharatha, which is considered a milestone in modern Kannada sbhijnanasakuntalam.

Hindu philosophy Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. My eyes have become inert as I am deep in thought.

Thus the family was reunited in Heaven, and they returned to earth to rule for many years before the birth of the Pandava. The newly wise Dushyanta defeats an army of Asurasand is rewarded by Indra with a journey through heaven.

Deaths from heart failure Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

Shakuntala (play)

Even when he conveys meaning better than the other versions, the result often sounds a bit off. This is the message of Kanva to Dushyanta concerning Sakuntala: Sanskrit plays Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Vanaprastha: She was known chiefly for playing comedy and villainous characters in Tollywood.

In a number of places Rajan’s more expansive rendering is helpful — so, for example, in explaining the nature of the curse on Sakuntala at the beginning of the fourth act that the king won’t remember her until he sees some token that will remind him — i. In the next years, there were at least 46 translations in twelve European languages.


The only cure is for Shakuntala to show him the signet ring that he gave her. They also warn Neelakantham that the child has ‘jalagandam’, hence they ask him to take Gangotri to the holy place of Gangotri after which she wa Her uncle comes and insults the boy for being a tribal.

Abhijnanasakuntalam – Kalidasa

The book makes for a good introduction to Kalidasa, but this version of the play itself is less than ideal. However, the text of all the above slokas are reproduced here in Devanagari and Roman scripts with their free rendering in English.

He then has to leave to take care of affairs in the capital. Abandoned at birth by her parents, Shakuntala is reared in the secluded, sylvan hermitage of the sage Kanvaand grows up a comely but innocent maiden. Member feedback about Siddhivinayak Mahaganapati Temple: Shakuntala TV series topic Shakuntala is an Indian television series that premiered on 2 February and aired until 6 July What is easily gained is as easily lost. On arrival the king refuses to acknowledge her.

Freedom and restraint are marvelously blended in her, and the consequential joys and sorrows find a meeting point in her.