Sidney Sheldon já vendeu mais de milhões de livros em todo o mundo. É o único escritor que recebeu três dos A Outra Face. Sidney Sheldon. Audio CD. A Outra Face – Music. Sidney Sheldon Format: Audio CD. Be the first to review this item Sheldon Store. › Visit Amazon’s Sidney Sheldon Store. a outra face, de sidney sheldon. 29 likes. Book. a outra face, de sidney sheldon . Book. 29 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook.

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The Naked Face starts out with a man happy because he is going to be going home to his wife and letting her know that what happened in the past is over with. I love h After reading some of the famous awe-inspiring novels by great authors, I finally read something breath-taking! On the back cover of the book, the Daily Telegraph commented that ‘suspense could hardly be greater’, and in many instances I would agree. The only way to find out that he is innocent is that he has to gather evidences and by all means, he must find a person who trust him.

Two people closely involved with Dr. Seriously, every recess or break time one of those Sidney Sheldon readers will sit beside you or in the corner and shouting and screaming. I have a feeling that Sheldon has a better grasp of the characters of his female protagonists than the male ones. First, John Hanson, a patient trying overcome his homosexuality, is brutally murdered, perhaps because he was mistaken for Stevens.

Aug 29, Mehak Oberoi rated it did not like it. Someone overwhelmed by his problems?

The Naked Face starts out with a man happy because he is going to sodney going home to his wife and letting her know that what happened in the pas Wow!! However, I still didn’t see that last plot twist coming and was very much blindsided at the end of the book! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Psychoanalyst Judd Stephens finds himself otra the middle of a murder mystery and as the web tightens around him, he struggles to use his knowledge of human behavior in order to out-think the killer or killers.


This was Sidney Ojtra debut novel and I had never read it before, even though I somehow have acquired a paperback copy of The Naked Face by Sidney Sheldon – in addition to this copy – that was hidden on my bookshelf. Underwhel Another page turner but my least favorite.

We should all know by now that homosexuality is not a disease, hence, it’s not something one can cureso it was quite a bit disappointing syeldon read from the words of my favorite novelist.

Nov 21, Graceann rated it did not like it Recommends it for: The cartony looks and the broken glass made everything dark.

The Burning Splint: Sidney Sheldon The Naked Face

This book is, by every bit, intriguing. I miss her crime novels. This is a mystery novel about a famous psycho-analyst, Dr. Turns out that inwhen the novel was first published, homosexuality was still considered a mental disorder according to the DSM-II, and it has not changed until it’s seventh printing in I bought three of his books, which coincidentally were his first three, all for the reasonable price of 50c, or, about 16c each. From reading to the beginning till the end, you can predict the killer and some behind facts why they wanted to kill him.

The book is generally trash, with silly one-dimensional characters. Maybe his others are better. Anglie turned out to be one of the conspirators, it was quite thrilling and unexpected. It was nice to read old books again, hay, wish my friends were still the hseldon.

Kita sudah diajar untuk menutup-nutupi kebencian dan ketakutan kita.

The Naked Face by Sidney Sheldon

Not long after, Carol Roberts, Stevens’ secretary, is additionally discovered tormented to death. This book was a HUGE disappointment! Dec 20, Cindy H.

She speaks in such heightened ebonics that you wonder if Sheldon ever actually met a black person and at one point she speak my favourite line uotra the whole novel, “If you don’t ball me quick, I’ll go out of my cotton-pickin’ mind. I’m confused about how I feel about this book. Mar 18, Oishi Chakraborty rated it liked it Shelves: I own a sldney of his books and wasn’t sure about reading them.


View all 4 comments. Greavy and Frank Angeli, are quick to treat Stevens as the prime suspect, partly due to McGreavy’s anger over Stevens’ testimony in a previous case. Anyway, It was an okay experience to read books like this, but still I recommend his other books siddney the Master of the Game and so on. It is not that ‘The Naked Face’ is a mediocre book at all, there are some instances of exceptional narrative that makes one believe why Sheldon rose to narrative superstardom.

It is amazing to see how much he has improved his writing and imagination over the decades. The homosexuality as terrible, terrible thing surfaces again and again in the story, and it was stupid on page one.

The Naked Face

You wonder what he is happy about and what was it was from his past when he is stabbed in the streets. Oct 03, Salymar rated it really liked it Shelves: Trivia About The Naked Face. I love crime novels! Maybe that time only Sheldon and Steel were the one who only grabbed my affection to read and buy books. Well, it’s because I had so much fun with this bad book. McGreavy has animosity towards Dr.

What that means is that I had no idea who the perpetrator of all the gruesome murders w It is not that ‘The Naked Face’ is a mediocre book at all, there are some instances of exceptional narrative that makes one believe why Sheldon rose to narrative superstardom.

The Naked Face is a detective mystery that keeps you glued to the pages of the story. At certain points of this novel it was like I was attending a pantomime and booing and hissing every time a baddie entered stage left. Well, as I said it was a good book but when you already read some of his novels, you can predict everything, his style never changed so do the twist in the near end of his books.