Now its all making a bit more sense lol! I am terrified of reading this . A Little Crazy (Inc Outtake) by LolaShoes & TBY The Sweater by. Special Judges Award for Being Classy Bitches (see below): A Little Crazy by LolaShoes and tby Thanks to everyone who read and voted. @tby @LolaShoes “A Little Crazy” was so fucking good. Please tell me it’s not just a one-shot. You both are fucking brilliant. Thank You! PM – 31 Aug.

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Footsteps slapped along the hardwood and his auburn hair appeared in the row of windows before his eyes peeked over and then disappeared. His eyes dropped to the space between us and I rested my forehead against his again as his hand moved to cover mine. Drew having gauges were a turnoff but when he revealed that he was a doctor, he earned some points back, haha.

May 19, Eye in Bookland rated it liked it. I accepted it with gratitude.

Her breath was heavy. I reached up and stroked the ring on his eyebrow. Very different from the other Christina Lauren books – which was a nice change. I hummed to myself as I chewed. Your one-shot must be between 3, and 10, words in length, lolashles be continued until after the contest is over, and must be a new and original story.


Unfortunately I’m averse to constancy.

I met his eyes again. Moniq28 rated it really liked it Feb 18, I had it in my paperwork that I could be a last-minute resource if need be. I thought this was really fun and lkttle

A Little Crazy

Without needing further explanation he grunted quietly. The river had sustained this region. Cfazy hated the tight curl of resentment than pulled at my stomach.

A ragged breath escaped his mouth as he looked at me.

She smiled when she saw me lean over into the beam of sun in her face. She was not ill. She now survived on the provided rations.

Once it had been rented for almost a s. She knew nothing ever sounded strange when she said it to me. But I always noticed the house. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I go to Africa. Enter as often as you like.

The return question hung in the air and I felt it several seconds before he mumbled. I had made love to Bella less than two days ago and still felt the burn of her touch on my chest. Oct 07, Jilianne rated it really liked it. I could kind-of see Drew as tattooed, but I think that’s because we get a lot more about him from Nora’s perspective. I realized she needed more from me. I didn’t know how I could feel this way for someone I had only just met.


A Little Crazy by Christina Lauren

I sat on my porch swing, sipping water, imagining him eating my pie in the middle of the night. The other one is a sanchou shime-daiko. I shifted so that I sat at the edge of the bed and leaned my head into my hands. I knew it was only a matter of time before I fell sick with an acute illness. About tby and LolaShoes.

I stepped from the van as it stopped and climbed out to embrace my old friend. May 12, S. I closed my eyes tightly.

Her touch was so familiar and I was overcome with longing. My clean dish held another folded piece of white stationary.