programming. HP B Audio The HP B Audio Analyzer and HP E Distortion Analyzer make your audio measurements fast and easy. .. (Does not include HP-IB programming time.) . calibration manual [) and. PDF · HP xA 5xA 7xA 8xA HP-IB Series Programming · HP xA 5xA 7xA 8xA Progamming · HP xA, xA, xA, xA, and. Jun 8, programming instructions when properly installed on that instrument. The HP- IB address switches are located within the Modulation.

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The Detailed ;rogramming Instructions are designed so that both casual and sophisticated users can rapidly find at one location all the information needed to apply the instrument to the task at hand.

Few people have hearing that good, but the term is a convenient one to describe sub-RF frequencies encountered in electronics.

8903B Operation Manual

The number visible in window indicates nominal line voltage to which instrument must be connected see Figure The procedures check all of the applicable bus messages summarized in Table HP VEE runtime package free – see below. The range of the selectable load resistance in ohms is an integer value from 1 89003b However, when the signal is a complex waveform, or when significant noise is present, the averageresponding detector reading can be in error.

Remove the two manul feet from the rear of the top cover by removing the panhead Pozidriv screw within each foot. The audio spectrum analyzer method, however, requires a fairly expensive instrument and some mathematical manipulation. Once the data measurement results are read onto the bus, the Audio Analyzer reverts to the Hold mode. The local lockout mode prevents loss of data or system control due to someone accidentally pressing front-panel keys.


8903B Operation and Calibration Manual

This display means that a signal has been detected but for various reasons a measurement result is not yet available. W h e n handling or servicing equipment containing static sensitive devices, adequate precautions must be taken to prevent device damage or destruction. For more detailed information relating to programmable control of the Audio Analyzer, refer to Remote Operation, Hewlett-Packard Interface Bw in Section 3 of this manual.

In addition, the Audio Analyzer may be triggered via data messages to make measurements at a particular time. Apart from attentive 8930b to a hi-fi system, the most intuitive way of analyzing an electrical signal in the audio range is visually with an oscilloscope.

Mating Connectors Interface Connector. The output detector converts the residual noise distortion to dc.

This is useful, for example, to put left and right channels on the same plot, or if you’re tweaking something and want to see how things are changing. HP A or B 3. The Quasi-peak Detector, when used with the optional CCIR weighting Filter gives signal-to-noise measurement results which more accurately correlates with perceived signal-to-noise ratios.

B Operation and Calibration Manual | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

It’s all a simple matter of software. High THD at high frequency is a result of slew rate limiting, among other things. Measurement Display Annunciators indicate the measurement result units. AC level measurements can be displayed in volts, dBm into R, or watts.


Pure signals in manusl sound monotonous. FLOAT switch provides floating input when required. For example, on the Case 1 graph, for a differential input voltage level of lV, the maximum commonmode input voltage level is 2.

To avoid electrical shock,do not perform any servicing unless you are qualified to do so.

Use a dry cloth or one slightly dampened with water to clean the external case parts. Rejection of squelch tones up to Hz is greater than 40 dB.

Impurities are not always undesirable. When installing the product in a cabinet, the convection into and out of the product must not be restricted. F’use Ratings are given under Operator’s Maintenance. This number represents the talk and listen address characters which an HP-IB controller is capable of generating. I t calls attention to a procedure, practice, or hplb like, which, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in personal injury.

If you operate or service instruments with different proggamming prefixes, we strongly recommend that you join this service immediately to ensure that your manual is kept current.