Employers debt index DIX (sum of debt of companies-employers, divided by a number of companies, which have at least one employee) is calculated daily. AUTOEKSPRESO ŽURNALAS, UABCompany’s director, contacts, creditworthiness and many other information about company’s business activity. + 5 ; fax + 5 . + 5 ; email: @lma. lt. BIOLOGY. Editor-in-Chief + 5 ; email: [email protected]

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Instrutec of November, Tallinn, Estonia.

Specialized and unique magazine in the Baltics dedicated to metalworking community. Sum of debt of companies-employers is divided by a number of companies, which have at least one zzurnalas.

The arrow in index shield shows annual index change. If you would like to publish advertisement, success stories or any other relevant information, please complete the inquiry form or zurnslas not hesitate to contact us directly. It only makes sense to compare data from the same day zurnaoas month. How DIX is calculated? Days from which data are compared are shown below.

Transfer a debt for collection This service is available only for registered users.


From which days data are compared? With monitoring service daily e-mailing you can watch single customers or complete customer portfolios in order to notice changes in the financial or corporate structure of your business partners as early as possible. Its expression is very simple – it is total sum of euro, which one Lithuanian employer is indebted for SODRA on average all current employers are calculated. Registration All fields are required User name. If the debt was relatively big, this affects the index accordingly.


For registered users only Official status indicated in the centre of Registers. Which debts are calculated? If you want to be sure that magazine will reach your company or you personally, subscribe by choosing the most convenient way of delivery. Our goal is to publish articles and advertisements which are relevant to metal engineering industry: Signed Out Subject Search among historical names Search among trademarks.

We specialize in debt collection from Lithuanian and foreign companies. DIX shows ability to pay taxes of all Lithuanian companies which have employees. Metalworking industry companies in Baltic countries are professionals and with long experience.

Why employers debt index?

AUTOEKSPRESO ŽURNALAS, UAB – Registration – – new companies, new possibilities

Publish information about Your clients which are late to pay! Effective tool to work by yourself – www. Baltic Metalworking is published five times a year and distributed by post, e-mail, ISSU electronic platform, Lithuania Expo center zurnalss Vilnius airport and will be represented in metal engineering exhibitions. City Street House No. Transfer a debt for collection of the company abroad.

City Street House No. Specialized and unique magazine in the Baltics dedicated to metalworking community Metalworking industry companies in Baltic countries are professionals and with long experience.

Usually if the company has delayed debts for 30 days for SODRA, it already is indebted not only for suppliers or creditors, but also for the tax inspection. Employers debt index DIX. Probability of insolvency is calculated for the period of 12 months. The magazine is published in English language to assure that published information will reach prospective investors, partners or customers from any country abroad.

We select companies in Lithuania and abroad according to Your chosen criteria and provide the lists including the data which is relevant for you.

  ISO 13847 PDF

We provide the relevant data e. They are worth to be represented in appropriate way at local and international markets. This post is also available in: Publicly available, initial, nohow interpreted information, which everybody can see on www.

After the company bankrupts and it remains without employees, the company and its debts are no longer used in the index calculation. City Zip code Street House No.

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Signed Out Subject Comparison of DIX values of the same month days characterizes overall economic state and seasonal fluctuations. SODRA daily announces data about its debtors zurnallas exclusions. The lower is index value – the better paid or recovered social insurance taxes are.

All business subjects, which pay salaries, are obliged to pay taxes. Enter symbols that you see in the picture: DIX indicates companies’ ability to pay taxes. City Zip code Street House No. Search among historical names Search among trademarks. Further – until 15th day of the following month – daily updated information about how the debtor covers its debts.

According to the standing practice, SODRA announces a new debtors list days after 15th day of every month – final term of tax collection. Elmia Subcontractor of November, Zurnaas, Sweden. In DIX calculation all employers are taken, i.