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Kastin, the Zeitgeist, and the inception of Peptides. It is wonderful to be able to record the establishment and growth of a professional journal after thirty-five years, and to celebrate the splendid career of Abba J.

Kastin as an editor as well as a scientist and educator. Abba is also an enriched human being who is both sophisticated and simple, and 33091 are proud to be life-long friends of his.

European Internet Inclusion Initiative

This Festschrift reviews how we the Olsons started our careers as neuropsychologists, our interactions with Abbareflection of the job as neuroscientists, and discussion of the growth and future of Peptides with the new publishing fads.

Current Implementation and Future Plans. This allows for near global active fire monitoring with coverage of Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific utilizing distinct geostationary sensors and a consistent algorithm.

This presentation will provide an overview of version 6. The goal is to create a globally consistent long-term fire product utilizing the capabilities of each of these unique operational systems and a common ssayl detection algorithm.

In an attempt to develop the most accurate modeling system the data set needs to be filtered to distinguish the true fire pixels from false alarms. False alarms occur due to reflection of solar kannu off of standing water, surface structure variances, and heat anomalies.

The Reoccurring Fire Filtering algorithm ReFF was developed to address such false alarms by filtering data dependent on reoccurrence, location in relation to region and satellite, as well as heat intensity. The lower percentage decrease in South America is a result of fires burning for longer periods of time, less surface variance, as well as an increase in heat intensity of fires for that region.

Also fires are so prevalent in the region that multiple fires may coexist in the same 4-kilometer pixel. Account of Haly Abbas regarding the management of hydrocephalus in children: Additionally, relevant literature was reviewed in detail. For hydrocephalic cases where the fluid collects between skin and pericranium, and pericranium and bone, Haly Abbas had made little change in surgical intervention; for the third type, skin incision, he preferred a T-type incision instead of an H-type.

Like Paul of Aegina, Haly Abbas also did not advise any surgical intervention for the cases of hydrocephalus, where fluid accumulation is between bone and the dura mater. Haly Abbas ‘s approach to hydrocephalus was as brave as that of his predecessors Antyllus, Oribasius, and Paulus, although the cases they dealt with were almost all cephalic hematomas.

Although his chapter on the treatment of water accumulation in the head contains surgical interventions in extracranial hydrocephalic conditions, his account on hydrocephalus is extremely precise and gives adequate detail as in other chapters in his book. The birth of nerve agent warfare: The author reviewed Farsi-language articles published recently by Dr. Syed Abbas Foroutan, which constitute the only firsthand clinical descriptions of battlefield nerve agent casualties in the world literature, and the author compares his comments with US and North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO chemical casualty care doctrine.

Foroutan’s lessons learned reassure us that a robust medical evacuation system, coupled with timely and appropriate medical care of nerve agent poisoning, will save many more lives on future battlefields. The process of land use change and urban sprawl has been considered as a prominent characteristic of urban development.

This study aims to investigate urban growth process in Bandar Abbas city, Iran, focusing on urban sprawl and land use change during To calculate urban sprawl and land use changes, aerial photos and satellite images are utilized in different time spans.

The results demonstrate that urban region area has changed from Moreover, the population has increased more than 30 times in last six decades. The major part of population growth is related to migration from other parts the country to Bandar Abbas city.


Considering the speed of urban sprawl growth rate, the scale and the role of the city have changed from medium and regional to large scale and transregional. Our results revealed that the irregular expansion of Bandar Abbas city must be controlled so that sustainable development could be achieved. This study aims to investigate urban growth process in Bandar Abbas city, Iran, focusing on urban sprawl and land use change during — Influence diagnostics for count data under AB-BA crossover trials.

This paper aims to develop diagnostic measures to assess the influence of data perturbations on estimates in AB-BA crossover studies with a Poisson distributed response. Generalised mixed linear models with normally distributed random effects are utilised. We show that in this special case, the model can be decomposed into two independent sub-models which allow to derive closed-form expressions to evaluate the changes in the maximum likelihood estimates under several perturbation schemes.

The performance of the new influence measures is illustrated by simulation studies and the analysis of a real dataset. A measurement of correlation parameters in the decay of polarized free neutrons: The precise determination of these parameters, together with the neutron lifetime, will provide important information about the Standard Model SM and will establish constraints for new physics.

In this paper we describe the experimental methodology of abBA as well as some of the advances that have been done so far.

Detector Response and Physics Analysis. We have used a GEANT4-based code to simulate the propagation of decay electrons and protons in the electromagnetic spectrometer and study the energy and timing response of a pair of Silicon detectors. We used these results to examine systematic effects and find the uncertainties with which the physics parameters a, b, A, and B can be extracted from an over-determined experimental data set.

Investigating the mental health and coping strategies of parents with major thalassemic children in Bandar Abbas. Major thalassemia is a hereditary, chronic blood disease caused by the synthesis deficiency of one or more polypeptide chains of globin during childhood.

This leads to the rise of blood pressure and family tensions. Therefore, the coping strategies of the family could seriously affect and facilitate the thalassemic child’s healthy growth. The present research sought to investigate the mental health and coping strategies of families with major thalassemic children in Bandar Abbas in This study is of a descriptive-analytical and cross-sectional type. Research population consisted of parents of major thalassemic children who visited Shahid Mohammadi Hospital of Bandar Abbas.

The instruments used were the item General Health Questionnaire of Goldberg and Williams along with the coping strategies questionnaire. Nonprobabilistic, convenient sampling method was used. To analyze the data, Spearman’s correlation coefficient, Chi-square and descriptive statistical tests were used.

A Study in Bandar AbbasIran. A devastating earthquake is inevitable in the long term and likely in the near future in Iran. The objective of the study was to assess the knowledge of hospital staff to disaster management system in hospital and to determine nonstructural safety assessment in Shahid Mohammadi hospital in Bandar Abbas city of Iran. This hospital is the main referral hospital in Hormozgan province with a capacity of about beds and the highest patient admissions.

The cross-sectional study was conducted in on healthcare workers at Shahid Mohammadi hospital, in the city of Bandar AbbasIran. This hospital is the main referral hospital in Hormozgan province and has a capacity of about beds with highest numbers of patient admissions.

Questionnaire and checklist used for assessing health workers knowledge and awareness towards disaster management and nonstructural safety this xayl.

This study found that knowledge, awareness, and disaster preparedness of hospital staff need continual reinforcement to improve self efficacy for disaster management. Equipping health care facilities at the time of natural disasters, especially kanu are of great importance all over the world, especially in Iran. This requires the national strategies and planning for all health facilities.

It seems due to limitations of hospital beds, insufficient of personnel, and medical equipment, health care providers paid greater attention to this issue. Since this hospital is the only educational public hospital in the province, it is essential to pay much attention to the risk management not only to this hospital but at the national level to health facilities.


Bandar Abbas say the capital city of Hormozgan province, is the south of Iran. The city has witnessed rapid growth in the last three decades, mostly because of its economic, commercial and social attractions.

However, forms and operations of urban sprawl may vary in important manners according to determine 33091 and historical characteristics, and these difference need to be reviewed with creation geodatabase of spatial and attribute data during past periods until now of urban formation and expansion. We implemented this research to understand Bandar Abbas city growth dynamic during last six decades using aerial photo, Remote Sensing RS data and Geographical Information System GISto investigate its sprawl for the during six decades and to prepare a basis for urban planning and management.

We calibrated it with geospatial data derived from a time series of aerial photos and satellite images. The application of classification techniques to the remote sensing data enabled the extraction of eight main types of land use: Growth was calculated through Shannon’s entropy model.

The urbanized area increased from Such findings make the case of Bandar Abbas important for several reasons. First, Bandar Abbas has undergone a rapid increase in urban sprawl according to urban growth indicators. Second, the urban sprawl quickly grew from medium-sized to large a process considered inappropriate according to physical and structural limitations on urban growth.

Lastly, the excessive extension of the built-up boundary in the city resulted kanum the syal of coastal land and open space, two main sources of tourist attraction and ,anun sustainable development. Since Bandar Abbas city is located in a strategic commercial, recreational, manun, political and military region, its coastline has been employed for different application during last three decades, especially construction say, Marian facilities.

Therefore, conducting of research projects has become important for management decision making and development of coastal zone of the city. This fact becomes more realistic when the coast is classified based on different views and each part of the coast is investigated as a cell or sub cell due to its different behavior. In this, first, different methods for classification of coasts have been reviewed.

Code-Switching by Gardner-Chloros | Asma Alsayegh –

Then, emphasizing on hydrodynamic and morphological classification, the slope, morphological aspects, kind of coastline and the gradation of its materials, as well as the slope of coastline have been determined. Moreover, the characteristics of wind waves in the region have been investigated using the SW module of MIKE21 software.

Finally, the regions of accretion and erosion in this coast line have been investigated using aerial and satellite images captured during last decades. The decision-making matrix of propensity to outsourcing hospital services in Bandar AbbasIran. To determine the level of managers’ propensity for outsourcing the services in hospitals using decision-making matrix. The applied, cross-sectional study was conducted at three hospitals affiliated to Bandar Abbas University of Medical Sciences, Iran, inand comprised managers and employees of four kankn units: Data was collected using two questionnaires and face-to-face interviews.

Data was analysed using SPSS 16 and by using decision-making matrix. Of the subjects in the study, 12 9. The highest and lowest propensities for outsourcing were related to nutrition The decision-making matrix showed low outsourcing of the nursing, radiology, and laboratory services based on the services’ features. However, there were difference kkanun the results obtained from laboratory service decision-making matrix and the propensity for laboratory service outsourcing.

The difference between the results obtained from the matrix and managers’ viewpoint can be due to the lack of managers’ sufficient attention to the features of hospital services when making decisions on outsourcing them. Bandar Abbas City, Iran.

Radon is a natural radioactive element kwnun a half-life of 3. It is odorless and colorless as well as water-soluble. Consuming waters which contain high concentration of Rn would increase the effective dose received by different age groups.