solid−state devices are needed. Description. 2N Functional Diagram. Pb. Additional Information. Samples. Resources. Datasheet. Pin Out. TO AB. 2N Series. Preferred dimensions section on page 6 of this data sheet. ( TJ = *40 to °C, Sine Wave 50 to 60 Hz; Gate Open). 2N 2N 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, General Electric Solid State, 16A silicon controlled rectifier. Vrsom 75V.

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Generates 2n64400 low EMI spread spectrum clock of the input frequency. A, able Output, Positive Voltage Regulator The is an adjustable threeterminal positive voltage regulator capable of supplying in excess of 3. Motorola does not convey any license under its patent rights nor the rights of others. The device inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs. Silicon Controlled Rectifiers 2N thru 2N The NCV is a dual channel More information.

High surge voltage 1. An external resistor allows the circuit designer to More information. Ratings apply for zero or negative gate voltage; however, positive gate voltage shall not be applied concurrent with negative potential on the anode.

2N6400 Datasheet

Ratings are stress ratings only. Operating Junction Temperature Range. Functional operation above the Recommended Operating Conditions is not implied.

See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package. The device inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors. Consult my Resume by clicking here. It drives an external More information.


Blocking voltages shall not be tested with a constant current source such that the voltage ratings of the devices are exceeded. SCILLC makes no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding the suitability of its products for any particular purpose, nor does SCILLC assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit, and specifically disclaims any and all liability, including without limitation special, consequential or incidental damages.

BoxDenver, Colorado Designed for low voltage, high speed switching More information. Each of the four flipflops is positiveedge triggered More information. An external resistor allows the circuit designer to set the drive.

Motorola 2N Series Datasheets. 2N, 2N, 2N, 2N, 2N, 2N Datasheet.

These state of the art devices have the following features: The LS can be used as a universal function. It monitors the temperature of a remote thermal diode. Preferred devices are Motorola recommended choices for future use and best overall value. Hunsaker Visiting Professor of Aerospace Systems. Chapter 2 — Operations Strategy for Competitive Advantage.

General description Passivated, sensitive gate triacs in a SOT54 plastic package. They offer active LOW, high sink current outputs for driving. State-of-the-art geometry features More information.

How to reach us: Operating directly on the AC. Each flip flop may be clocked separately by holding the common. Motorola products are not designed, intended, or authorized for use as components in systems intended for surgical implant into the body, or other applications intended to support or sustain life, or for any other application in which the failure of the Motorola product could create a situation where personal injury or death may occur.


Sensitive Gate Silicon Controlled Rectifiers Reverse Blocking Thyristors PNPN devices designed for high volume, line-powered consumer applications such as relay and lamp drivers, small motor controls. Motorola Literature Distribution; P. Features High Datssheet More information.

Designed to operate over a wide current range of A to 2 ma, these devices feature exceptionally More information. Should Buyer purchase or use SCILLC products for any such unintended or unauthorized application, Buyer shall indemnify and hold SCILLC and its officers, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, and distributors harmless against all claims, costs, damages, and expenses, and reasonable attorney fees arising out of, directly or indirectly, any claim of personal injury or death associated with such unintended or unauthorized use, even if such claim alleges that SCILLC was negligent regarding the design or manufacture of the part.

Japan Customer Focus Center Phone: Extended exposure to stresses above the Recommended Operating Conditions may affect device reliability. Sensitive Gate Silicon Controlled Rectifiers. 22n6400 device is housed in the SOT package, More information. It offers fixed gains of and without external components and adjustable gains from to with one external More information. Video Amplifier The NE is a monolithic, two-stage, differential output, wideband dataseet amplifier. An external resistor allows the circuit designer to set the drive More information.

General purpose switching and phase control TO Rev. Recommended Operating Conditions may affect device reliability.