28X AIRPORT FLYER. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY SERVICE. To Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland. To Pittsburgh International Airport. Pittsburgh Airport. To Robinson Town Centre Pittsburgh International Airport. Light type indicates AM times. Bold type indicates PM times. Port Authority of Allegheny County is pleased to offer service to Pittsburgh International Airport via the West Busway (28X Airport Flyer).

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This is exactly what happened. Official Port Authority Data Updated: System Clear News may be available. If you can’t carry it on your back then it is way too large. I got one of those papers on my windshield too. I recall that PAT has been planning this for a while it was included in their annual report earlier this yearso it’s a bit disappointing that they are only announcing this 11 days before it goes into effect.

28X Airport Flyer

Select Location and Options for nearby places. Places And Map 1. The buses are large and stairs do not appear “narrow”. Downtown Pittsburgh is triangular rather than pjttsburgh a square grid, highways are built on top of highways, and there are many road oddities all throughout the city.

Picturesque PittsburghPorn City Pictures!


Normal days you will not have a problem with luggage. What should not be missed in Pittsburgh?


Hotel Shuttles — Many Pittsburgh hotels offer complimentary shuttles within a 1, 2, and 3 mile radius. Submit a new link.

I wouldn’t be surprised if people in Moon had no idea about this until today. University Shuttles — Students pittsbburgh the University of PittsburghChathamand Carnegie Mellon can ride their respective university shuttle for free when they present their ID card.

Anyway, the 21 might have been delayed because of the closure of the Fleming Park bridge to Neville Island, which happened in mid-August and with seemingly little advance notice.

Other ;ittsburgh Sub-reddits Related: Log in or sign up in seconds. Check out the following! They ran every 20 minutes too. Select From and To for directions. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. I probably should have said “steep”, not “narrow.

Backpacks and small roller bags fit under some of the pittsnurgh but my regular sized suitcase for a weeklong trip doesn’t fit under the seat, it sure as hell doesn’t fit on my lap, and it pittsbugh people from walking if it’s in the aisle. Still, if people will use it at Bakery Square, that’s good. Hotels travelers are raving about Rider Alerts Feed may be available.

28X Route: Time Schedules, Stops & Maps

The article above on service to West Mifflin Estates on the 55 came out almost four months before the change was made. The airport buses in many transit system have proper luggage racks and this makes a world of a difference. Get Around the City By Bus Pittsburgh has a fairly comprehensive public bus network that reaches most corners of the city, including the 28X service to the airport.


Private Pittsburgh City Tour. I’d dare say that a good chunk of the 28X ridership, perhaps even the majority of it, uses it to go to and from Robinson. Cancel See Times and info See All Pittsburgh Conversations.

Web Page Web Page: Traffic Bike Paths Traffic Me. Me Traffic Bike Paths Traffic. I imagine some of the tech workers that work in Bakery Square are from out of state and probably fly back and forth a good bit. This is a moderated subreddit. Metered parking is readily available in commercial areas and most meters now accept credit card- although a few coin operated ones still remain.

Pittsburgh city buses also require exact change for payment and have several payment restrictions and other details that users of the public system should be aware of. A full bus map can be found here.