Download your free PDF file of the dodge caliber on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. INTRODUCTION. This manual has been prepared with the assistance of service and engineering specialists to acquaint you with the operation and. Workshop Manual. Dodge Caliber Workshop Manual; (5, Pages). (Free) Owners Manual. Dodge Caliber Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free).

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Got this trouble, I changed the ground from the engine to the body and everything is fine now. Chris answered majual years ago. The rpm’s were not going crazy or anything but after about 2 minutes on YouTube http: Email is wolfchevy3 yahoo.

I hate this POS. Swimgirl answered 4 years ago.

It this is the case, I have no idea what to do, definately not enough money to cover a thousand dollar part. I purchased new and since then have had to replace 2 alternators, bad air conditioner problem and the fuse box is now blown, no head light to the left.

Dodge Caliber Repair Manual

Got the solution in only Aworth answered 4 years ago. Just want to get through this winter as I have no problems in the warmer months. Tried switching off locking etc and tried again – still no dipped beam on off side.

Hi, I manua in northern California, and the same thing happened to me.

Hello my name is Alice and I own a dodge caliber about a month ago in June my engine light popped on and I drove a little bit more and then all of my other lights came on gas, oil, brakes etc. To file a vehicle safety-related complaint, please go online to our File a Complaint web page, or call us toll-free at This car is the biggest POS Dofge ever saw. Thanks everyone for sharing. Last month the starter went out. Tried removing the fuse and reinserting it, but this time, it would not work.


You need to disconnect the hoses into the air intake box, take out the air filter and the box itself it just pulls up and pushes back on. Service peeps had another Caliber come in with the same issue while mine was in.

Dodge Caliber Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Electrician reseted TIPM and everything started to work again of cource he don’t know what long it will work because it was just simple reset threw computer but I think this way is much better than to change whole TIPM with USD. We towed the car and got it replaced. The fuse box is expose to rain and salt at winter time so the more u drive the more it get expose so only a matter of time for every dodge caliber owners. I just create a page on Facebook pleaase write your concern there and let us see if we have to go to court or Dodge can understand that issue and fix it accordingley.

Official Mopar Site | Owner Vehicle Dashboard

Amy answered 4 years ago. I tried new headlights but that did not work so I began looking for a new fuse box. Asked by canadacaliber Jan 31, at The company that manufactured this piece of equipment wont consider a recall until there is loss of life or enough damage considered to have been caused directly by the product to avoid” Law Suits”, or last but not least you have enough people to fight to have a recall on the TIPM module.


I have a STX. Oeners just had the same problem this week with my Caliber. I have had nothing but problems with my dodge caliber Now the “regulators” are out on both back windows. Now I am going to try replacing the IPM box. Woodside answered 4 years ago. I am thinking it’s either needing an update for the TICM or this “new” box is cxliber as well.

Also, have had both back windows fixed before the warranty was up because the motor went out even though I never use the back windows. The engine light stays on until the next time Dodgs start it.

I too have a problem with my low beam not coming on at all on one side of the car. I bought my Caliber in and have had numerous minor electrical problems.