1984 XL350R PDF

Anyone out there know much about the older XLR bikes? If you mean XLR I had a model and it was a great bike before it. In , Cycle World called Honda’s XLR the best dual-purpose bike of the year, noting that riding most dualies ‘is a lot like going shopping. The Web’s most trusted source for Honda XLR Parts. Use our comprehensive OEM schematic diagrams to find the exact parts you need to get the job.

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But it indicates the ease and speed with which the XL can be snapped right-left, and the incredible cornering clearance and the grip offered by the tires. Everything is hidden, that is, you can’t check the air filter or the battery level unless you remove a side panel, which means out comes the tool roll.

Sit there, hands in 1894.

This is a very helpful item for your xl3350r Or, sit with the lever full on until the engine’s fins are too hot to be touched. Okay I just got finished reading a Wikipedia article it said the tenth digit is the year model my 10th digit is an F on the chart f corresponds to so I guess I have an 85 model.


I have a 84 XL with 40, plus KM and she is now just starting to get tired. If by mischance the engine dies before it’s fully warmed, follow Honda’s book.

Honda XLR | eBay

Jan 26, Oddometer: Mar 14, Oddometer: Don’t even think about it. No title so it’ll be screaming through the dirt. These were the cc OHC Single cylinder dl350r. Ive had this bike for about 8 years now and it was an amazing find.

Our fearless engineering editor ran the XL through the slalom at an indicated The engines are fairly bulletproof. The does not have and does not need the decompression chamber or the manual release. I have an XR with a bad engine mostly disassembled I would be willing to sell or trade all the plastic is in pretty good shape. High Plains DrifterMay 13, Other zl350r that they are, as all XR’s bullet proof.

XlR Dirt Build!!! | Adventure Rider

There’s no good place for a conventional luggage rack but Yoshimura’s Buddy Bag hooks up just fine. English cars are much better now. SuruppakMar 26, The back tire can be powered loose and xp350r on the fast turns, the front can be weighted to hold the line on tight turns.


The XL is a complete motorcycle. The compound carbs pay off with power, exactly as much as you want, when and where xl350f want it.

1984 Honda XLR350 Opinions???

Dakar dreamerMay 13, If it sputters, do nothing. I would stay away from it anyway I know its a major issue I just can’t recall what it is. Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: The back portion has the length, breadth, height and consistency of a waffle.

Better built, better designed, better looking, more reliable. The kid rides it now since I got a DR Four-stroke dual-purpose bikes weigh more than four-stroke off-road bikes, which weigh more than two-stroke off-road bikes of equal displacement.

May 11, Oddometer: The XL’s seat towers, relatively, at