You can help the development of domestic education, including its Internet segment! The aim of the project "national encyclopedia" - to make background information available to multiple users. Definition…

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Some errors. Ukrainian parents learn to communicate effectively with children
  "Try for one day to record all the phrases and comments that you tell your children. And find that more than half of the words and claims are of…

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How stars lose weight after childbirth: the most effective ways
  Looking at the star of TV or top model, after a couple of months after birth showing beautiful bodies, ask the question – how stars lose weight after childbirth?…

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Why the baby sleeps?


Read this article a few months ago. Who is the author, I don’t know.

All this time she never leaves my mind. Please read.

In the underpass near the metro station sits a woman of indeterminate age.

Pass in stride and thirty, and twenty-three, and forty-two. Hair

women’s matted and dirty, his head lowered in sorrow.

Before the woman spat on the floor transition is a bag. In the sack compassionate

citizens throwing money. And would not cast, right at the hands of a woman holding

weighty “argument” in favor of the fact that her money is necessary. On

woman sleeping child two years. He’s in a dirty cap, former

once white, in a sports suit. Transition – the place is quite

lively. And flows an endless stream of human crowd, and rings in a trifle

bags, and rustle of banknotes.

I walked past a woman about a month. I guessed who the money donated numerous passers-by. How to say how much is written, but our people are like this – pity.

Compassionately, to tears. Ready our people to give the shirt off his

the last penny out of his pocket to shake. Filed such “unfortunate” and

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The basis of the Family code will form the presumption of innocence of the parents


Loud the repercussions of the innovation proposed by the state Duma Committee on family, women and children. We are talking about a fundamental change in the Family code. Now it will be guided by the principle of the presumption of parental innocence. The initiator of the idea, the Chairman of the Committee, Elena Mizulina, has made innovation even brighter: the Foundation for development of laws will become “the principle parent of Holiness.”

– Today’s Family code implies that the parent is always wrong, in our laws a priori inherent distrust of parents and downplay their role in the fate of her own child. For example, consent to marriage of a minor issue not their parents, and the care. And if you have a minor child, be prepared for the fact that to you at any time of the day or night can come to the guardianship, to search home, to pick up the child or to apply other repressions.

This practice should be eradicated. Juvenile justice is an ideology that seeks to take away from the family its educational functions and to delegate those tasks to the state or other bodies. Juvenile justice in their goals Continue reading

Princess in the house or especially the education of girls


Born in the family of the girl! Parents are happy and admiring my little miracle! I really want all moms and dads who have these wonderful little creations of God, knew the most important thing – especially the needs, both physical and psychological, which are required for their little Princess.

One mom wrote for his daughter, who turned 5 months old, full of love and admiration verse:

In the Universe you’re the only one, as beautiful as timid flower!

Fragrant each petal and a drop of dew, the beam flashing,

Leaves – the kind of emerald, or maybe the fingers of the maiden’s hand,

Beautiful, tender words. Dreams parents can come true, if in the process of education to include some tips.

Business skills

Increasingly I see young families, where the frustrated husband asks him to teach his wife, at least the main skills of farming. It turns out that before the wedding, he did not even know that his future wife is not able, and not willing to wash dishes, to cook, to clean the house. All this was done by the mother, and the girl was studying, resting, walking. Loving mother sent the daughter to the yard, so as not to interfere Continue reading