Psychotherapy of the Playground. Parenting
  "The first twelve months of baby's life is incomparable stress for the mother, perhaps more than pregnancy and childbirth," says Arlene Eisenberg, author of the world famous benefits for…

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Cars for boy
  Your son prefers cars to all the other toys? What explains this preoccupation? Despite the fact that the house has already tens of wheeled equipment, the child still rejoices…

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Some errors. Ukrainian parents learn to communicate effectively with children
  Happy together. In the family Oksamytna – Lange children are taught how to defend their own opinion and to distinguish their desires from others Abandoning the Soviet model of…

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Child having nightmares: what to do


Child have nightmares: what to do in such a situation than to help him? Sometimes at night child dream of spiders, witches, snakes that try to harm it. Sometimes, on the contrary, the child in the dream behaves aggressively: it rips off someone’s head, smothers and pierces the enemy. In these dreams, the child sees a strange threatening landscapes, non-existent animals and birds with frightening parts of the body – big eyes, for example. Or images, which the child sees, begin to be transformed from one to another. These dreams, at times, very frightening the child. It can start to be afraid to fall asleep, gets up in the morning, not enough sleep, stressed or in a bad mood.

The first thing you need to be aware of when dealing with fears, it is not to expect a quick effect. Folk wisdom says: “go slow to go fast”. Better to do it gradually, stress, excessive fixation of the child’s attention on the problem. Then guaranteed a lasting effect.

And second. Any negative habit in the child’s behavior, or undesirable aspects of his life need not be eradicated, and replaced. However, this applies equally to the habits of adults with whom they are fighting.

About the origin of dreams and why does a child have nightmares

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How to raise children in different countries


Why the Japanese can not imagine my life outside of the team, the Americans are tolerant, and the French are too independent?

Adult category of national identity is laid in man from childhood and is rooted in the way of education. Education methods methods of influence, systematically (and not only one-time and situational) changing the child’s behavior. For example, learning and teaching – methods of education. Methods of education – more.

a fraction, the smaller the unit of technology education, it is a specific way or form of implementation of either method.

Part of the techniques closely tied to specific methods, other methods can be used inside different methods. Methods and techniques of raising a child depends primarily on personal characteristics of parents, their intentions and competence. In a free education is more often used method is well directed freedom in discipline of instruction and a system of reinforcements.

Japanese children live in three stages: God – slave – to-peer. After five years of “the beyond” and almost absolute permissiveness (within reason, of course), it is probably not easy to pull yourself together and start to follow the common system of rules Continue reading

What to do with the child during the summer


Ended the school year, the long-awaited summer time: you can sleep as much as you like, no homework, no school – freedom, in a word!

But the parents now the question arises, what to do with the child, so that it will not go crazy from boredom and excess energy during the summer holidays, so as not brought to mind the immediate family and the time went to good use.

Of course, summer camps, kids clubs, etc. trip to village to the grandmother and the grandfather, vacation with her parents is a great idea. But, as a rule, free time still remains and it needed something to fill.

I offer readers Mirsovetov few ideas how to spend your summer holidays and leave time for boredom and idleness, for parents, or for those who will be with the child during the holidays at home.

The first thing I would like to say, is a very important mode of the day and its planning. So all day you with a child was based on a clear plan. Predictability and constancy give the child a sense of confidence and peace of mind, he knows what to do at one or another point of time.

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